TripPak SERVICES Directory

Drop Box Locations Key:

Station Name Chain Code Highway/Exit City State
PickUp Box
Flying J 793Town Pump Flying J CalgaryAB15:00FD
Flying J 785Town Pump Flying J CalgaryAB15:00FD
Flying J 848Pilot Oil Company CalgaryAB12:00FD
Husky Car Truck StopHusky Truck Stops32nd NE & Barlow Trail CalgaryAB15:00FD
Flying J 795Town Pump Flying J NiskuAB13:00FD
Flying J 786Town Pump Flying JYellowhead Hwy 16 Exit BroadSherwood ParkAB11:00FD
Flying J 602Town Pump Flying JI 65 & SR 94 Exit 264BirminghamAL17:00FD
Pilot 369Pilot Oil CompanyI-59  Exit 123BirminghamAL16:00FL
LovesLovesI-65 Exit 208ClantonAL14:00FD
Pilot 4555Pilot Oil CompanyI 59/20 Exit 77CottondaleAL17:00FD
TA 016Travel Centers of AmericaI-20/59 Exit 77CottondaleAL15:00FL
Jacks Truck StopAmbestI-65 Exit 304CullmanALFL
Pilot 1550Pilot Oil Company CullmanAL11:00
Bridges Travel PLZ - AMBESTAmbestI-85 Exit 70CussetaALDR
Pilot 441Pilot Oil CompanyI-65  Exit 334DecaturAL16:00FD
Flying J 603Town Pump Flying JRoss Clark Hwy & 231 DothanAL16:00FD
McIntyre Travel CenterI 65 Exit 96EvergreenALFD
LovesLovesI-64/Hwy 84 93EvergreenAL12:00FD
LovesLovesI-65 Hwy 55 322FalkvilleAL09:00FD
Petro 387I-59 Exit 81GadsdenAL15:00FL
TA 054Travel Centers of AmericaI-10 Exit 4Grand BayAL12:00CS
Petro 397Petro Stopping CentersI 65 Exit 299HancevilleAL14:00FD
Flying J 604Town Pump Flying JI 65 Exit 158Hope HullAL17:00FD
SaveWay Truck PlazaI-65 Exit 164Hope HullALFD
Loves 466LovesI-22 65JasperAL15:00FD
TATravel Centers of AmericaI 20 Exit 168LincolnAL15:00FD
Pilot 497Pilot Oil CompanyI-20 165LincolnAL15:00FD
I-20 TexacoI-20  Exit 165LincolnALFD
Loves 206LovesI-10 & Hwy 59 Exit 44LoxleyAL12:00FL
LovesLoveshwy 216 100Mc CallaAL16:00FD
Petro 319Petro Stopping CentersI-20 & I-59 Exit 100Mc CallaAL11:00FL
Flying J 601Town Pump Flying JI-20&I-59 Exit 104Mc CallaAL11:00PA
TA 111Travel Centers of AmericaI-65 Exit 168MontgomeryAL17:00FL
Brompton ChevronAmbest MoodyALFD
LovesLovesI-20 Exit 147MOODYAL16:00
Loves 566LovesHwy 231 Exit 12OzarkAL16:00
Loves 624LovesI-65 Exit 8 at PrichardAL15:00
Oasis Truckstop - AMBESTAmbestI-10 & Hwy. 64 Exit 53RobertsdaleAL11:00FD
Pilot 075Pilot Oil CompanyI-65 Exit 19SatsumaAL16:00FD
Petro 348Petro Stopping CentersI-85 Exit 22ShorterALFL
Loves 577Loves SHORTERAL14:00FD
LovesLovesI-59 174SteeleAL04:00FD
Pilot 302Pilot Oil CompanyI-10, Exit 13TheodoreAL17:00FL
Pilot 076Pilot Oil CompanyI-59  Exit 77TuscaloosaAL15:00FD
Sprint Mart Truck StopHWY 72 West  TuscumbiaALFD
Loves 580LovesHwy 20 Exit ThreeTuscumbiaAL16:00
Bald Knob ExxonRoady'sHwy 167 & 67 Exit 55Bald KnobARFD
J.J's TruckstopAmbestI-30 & Military Rd Exit 106BentonAR11:00FD
Pilot 118Pilot Oil CompanyI-30 Exit 121BentonAR15:00FD
Loves 671LovesI-55 Exit 63BlythevilleAR17:00FD
Pilot 492Pilot Oil CompanyI-30 Exit 78Caddo ValleyAR17:00FD
TA 033Travel Centers of AmericaI-40 Exit 260EarleAR16:00FD
To Bo's 66I-540 Exit 58FayettevilleARFD
Snappy Mart 19HWY 63 Exit 39JonesboroARFD
Loves 607Loves JonesboroAR17:00DC
Loves 457LovesI-30 128Little RockAR16:00FD
Morgan Shell Truck StopAmbestI 40 Exit 142MaumelleARFD
LovesLovesI-40 & Hwy 95  Exit 107MorriltonAR15:00FD
Pilot 332Pilot Oil CompanyI-40  Exit 161N LITTLE ROCKAR17:00PA
LovesLovesI-40 E Exit 161North Little RockAR16:00FD
Petro 326Petro Stopping CentersI-40 Exit 161North Little RockAR16:00FL
Loves 271LovesI-40 Exit 27OzarkAR12:00FL
LovesLovesI-40/Hwy 261 233PalestineAR16:00FD
Big Red Travel PlazaUS 65 Exit 34Pine BluffARFD
TA 224Travel Centers of AmericaI-30 Exit 44PrescottAR15:00FD
LovesLovesI-30/Hwy 19 46PrescottAR15:00FD
Horizon Travel Center30 46PrescottARFD
Flying J 605Town Pump Flying JI 40 Exit 84RussellvilleAR15:00DR
Pilot 430Pilot Oil CompanyI-40  Exit 84RussellvilleAR15:00DR
Loves 557LovesHwy 67 Exit 44SearcyAR16:00
Pilot 145Pilot Oil CompanyHwy 412 W.  SpringdaleAR16:00DC
Flying J 606Town Pump Flying JI-30 Exit 7TexarkanaAR13:00DR
Flying J 607Town Pump Flying JI-40/55 Exit 280West MemphisAR16:00CS
Pilot 429Pilot Oil CompanyI-40 Exit 280West MemphisAR16:00PA
Petro 311Petro Stopping CentersI-40 & I-55 Exit 280West MemphisAR16:00CS
LovesLovesI-40 & I-55 Exit 280West MemphisAR16:00FL
Pilot 459Pilot Oil CompanyI-10 Exit 133AvondaleAZ15:00OE
Pilot 180Pilot Oil CompanyI-40 Exit 185BellemontAZ15:00FD
LovesLovesI-10 32BensonAZ16:00FD
LovesLovesI-10  Exit 114BuckeyeAZ12:00FD
Pride Travel CenterI 10 Exit 200Casa GrandeAZFL
Petro 306Petro Stopping CentersI-10 Exit 200Casa GrandeAZ15:00FD
LovesLovesI-10 Exit 162ChandlerAZ13:00FD
Flying J 608Town Pump Flying JI-10 1EhrenbergAZ14:00FD
Flying J 609Town Pump Flying JI-10 Exit 208 AEloyAZ12:00OE
TA 007Travel Centers of AmericaI-10 Exit 203EloyAZ12:00FD
LovesLovesI-10 Exit 200EloyAZ15:00FD
Pilot 458Pilot Oil CompanyI-10 Exit 208EloyAZFL
Little America-AmBestAmbestI-40 Exit 198FlagstaffAZDC
Hopi Travel PlazaI-40 Exit 292HolbrookAZFD
TA 246Travel Centers of AmericaI-40 Exit 283HolbrookAZFD
LovesLovesI-40 277Joseph CityAZ16:00FD
TA 094Travel Centers of AmericaI-40 Exit 48KingmanAZ12:00FL
LovesLovesI-40  Exit 59KingmanAZ12:00FD
Petro 315Petro Stopping CentersI-40 Exit 66KingmanAZ12:00FL
Flying J 610Town Pump Flying JI-40 Exit 53KingmanAZ12:00FL
Pilot 211Pilot Oil CompanyI-40  Exit 9Lake Havasu CityAZFL
LovesLovesI-95 Exit 9Lake Havasu CityAZ14:00FD
QuikTrip 444I 10 Exit 139PhoenixAZ16:00FD
Flying J 611Town Pump Flying JI 10 Exit 137PhoenixAZ16:00DR
Liberty FuelI-10 Exit 138PhoenixAZFL
Pilot 328Pilot Oil CompanyI-10  Exit 17QuartzsiteAZFD
Loves 286LovesI-10 Exit 17QuartzsiteAZ10:00FD
Pilot 279Pilot Oil CompanyI-19  Exit 12Rio RicoAZ12:00FD
Loves 659LovesI-10 Exit 135TollesonAZ17:00FD
TA 225Travel Centers of AmericaI-10 & 339th Ave. Exit 103TonopahAZFD
Tucson Terminal (Triple T)I-10 Exit 268TucsonAZ15:00DR
Pilot 593Pilot Oil CompanyI-10 Exit 268TucsonAZ16:00
TA 226Travel Centers of AmericaI-10 Exit 340WillcoxAZ10:00CS
Loves 553LovesI-40 Exit 149WilliamsAZ16:00
Flying J 612Town Pump Flying JI 40 Exit 255WinslowAZ13:00FD
Loves LovesI-8 Exit 3YumaAZ15:00FD
Barneys/PilotPilot Oil CompanyI-8 Exit 12YumaAZFD
Flying J 798Town Pump Flying J DeltaBC15:00FD
TA 239Travel Centers of AmericaI-5 Exit 219ArvinCA16:00FL
Flying J 613Town Pump Flying JRTE 99 ZACHARY AVE BakersfieldCA12:00OE
Bruce's Truck StopHWY 58 & 184 BakersfieldCAPA
Mettler Renegade Travel CenterHwy 99 Exit 5BakersfieldCAFD
24/7 Travel Plaza PTPPTP STOPSRt. 58 @ Hwy 184 BakersfieldCA12:00FD
LovesLovesI-15 Exit 178BarstowCA14:00FD
Flying J 614Town Pump Flying JI 15 Lenwood ExBarstowCA14:00FD
TA 227Travel Centers of AmericaI-15 & Lenwood Rd BarstowCA14:00FL
Pilot 282Pilot Oil CompanyI-40/15 & Lenwood Rd  BarstowCAFD
Rialto Travel Center BloomingtonCA16:00DC
Pilot 200Pilot Oil CompanyUS 395 & US 58 BoronCA11:00PA
TA 160Travel Centers of AmericaI-5 Hwy 58 ButtonwillowCA12:00PA
Pilot 372Pilot Oil CompanyI-5 Hwy 126  Exit 176ACastaicCA14:00FD
TA 041Travel Centers of AmericaI-10 Exit DilloCoachellaCA11:00FD
LovesLovesI-10 Exit 143CoachellaCA16:00FL
TA 040Travel Centers of AmericaI-5 Exit SouthCorningCA14:00FD
Petro 309Petro Stopping CentersI-5 Exit 630CorningCAFD
LovesLovesI 5 Exit SouthCorningCA14:00FD
Pilot 168Pilot Oil CompanyI-5 County Road 8  DunniganCA10:00DC
TrucktownI-10  Cherry St.FontanaCAFD
3 Sisters TruckstopI-10  Cherry St.FontanaCA13:00FD
Fifth Wheel Truck StopST 99 Exit ChestFresnoCAFD
Flying J 616Town Pump Flying JI-5 Frazier Park 205LebecCA15:00FD
Petro 327Petro Stopping CentersI-5 Exit LavalLebecCA12:00FL
TA 170Travel Centers of AmericaI-99 Exit 203LivingstonCA12:00FD
Loves 538LovesI-5 & Hwy 12 Fairfield LodiCA15:00DC
3 B TruckstopI-5/Hwy 12  Exit 12LodiCAFL
Flying J 617Town Pump Flying JI-5 Exit Hwy 1LodiCA13:00FL
Pilot 154Pilot Oil CompanyI-5 Exit Rte 4Lost HillsCA12:00FL
LovesLovesI-5 Exit 282Lost HillsCA12:00CS
Pilot 365Pilot Oil CompanyRTE. 99 MaderaCA13:00FL
Pilot 307Pilot Oil CompanyI-10 Exit IndiaN Palm SpringsCA13:00FL
So-Cal TruckstopI-5 Exit Bay MNational CityCA15:00FD
Pilot 381Pilot Oil CompanyI-15 Exit Hwy 3OAK HILLSCA14:00FL
San Francisco Oakland Truck StopI 880 Exit 37OaklandCAFD
PetroPetro Stopping CentersI-10 Exit MilliOntarioCA14:00FL
TA 162Travel Centers of AmericaI-10 Exit MilliOntarioCA14:00FL
Pilot 1019Pilot Oil Company OrlandCA15:00FD
Flying J 1080Pilot Oil Company PATTERSONCA11:00FD
TA 057Travel Centers of AmericaI-5 Exit KnighReddingCA15:00CS
Flying J 618Town Pump Flying JHwy 99 RiponCA15:00FL
LovesLovesHwy 99  Exit 252RiponCA15:00FL
49er Travel PlazaAmbestI-80 Exit West SacramentoCA15:00FL
Pilot 237Pilot Oil CompanyUS 101 & Sanborn  SalinasCA14:00PA
Valley Truck StopUS 101 Exit AirpoSalinasCAFD
Pilot 343Pilot Oil CompanyI-805, CA 905 1BSan DiegoCA16:00FD
TA 163Travel Centers of AmericaI-5 Exit 407Santa NellaCA13:00FL
Petro 346Petro Stopping CentersHwy 152/33 Santa NellaCA13:00FD
LovesLovesI-5 Exit 407Santa NellaCA13:00FD
LovesLovesHwy 58 151TehachapiCA15:00FD
Flying J 765Town Pump Flying JI 10 Exit RamonThousand PalmsCA14:00FD
RJs Truck StopRoady's99 106BTraverCAFD
LovesLovesST RTE 99 85TulareCA14:00FD
Pilot 137Pilot Oil CompanyI-5 745WeedCA13:00FD
Flying J 619Town Pump Flying JI-70 Exit 285AuroraCO16:00CS
Loves 300LovesI-70 304BennettCO13:00FL
Tomahawk - PTPPTP STOPSI-76  Exit 16BrightonCOCS
Loves 644Loves BURLINGTONCO16:00
Sapp BrosSapp BrothersI-70  Exit 278Commerce CityCOFD
TA 148Travel Centers of AmericaI-70/270 Exit 278Commerce CityCO17:00FD
Pilot 316Pilot Oil CompanyI-70 Exit 276DenverCO16:00FD
Loves 653LovesUS Hwy 287 EadsCO16:00FD
Tomahawk - PTPPTP STOPSI-25  Exit 128FountainCOCS
Acorn Travel PlzI-70 Exit 26Grand JunctionCO15:00FD
Pilot 592Pilot Oil CompanyI-70 Exit 26Grand JunctionCO16:00
Loves 517LovesI-70 Exit 26Grand JunctionCO16:00
LovesLovesI-76 Hwy 52 exit 31HudsonCO14:00FD
Johnsons CornerTravel Centers of AmericaI-25 Exit 254JohnstownCO14:00FL
LovesLovesHwy 50/287 LamarCOFD
TA 228Travel Centers of AmericaI-70 359LimonCO14:00FD
Flying J 621Town Pump Flying JI-70 Exit 359LimonCO14:00
Longmont Travel CenterI-25 240LongmontCOFD
LovesLovesI-25 104PuebloCO16:00FD
TA 174Travel Centers of AmericaI-70 Exit 266Wheat RidgeCO16:00FD
TA 171Travel Centers of AmericaI-95 Exit 56BranfordCT17:00FL
SecondiI-95 Exit 40MilfordCTFD
Pilot 255Pilot Oil CompanyI-95 Exit 40MilfordCT17:00FL
TA 154Travel Centers of AmericaI-84 Exit 28MilldaleCT16:00FD
Pilot 882/Super Value Amer. AutoStopPilot Oil CompanyI-95 93North StoningtonCT15:00FD
TA 022Travel Centers of AmericaI-84 Exit 71WillingtonCT14:00FD
301 Travel PlzHwy 301 MiddletownDEFD
Pilot 087Pilot Oil CompanyI-10  Exit 343BaldwinFL15:00FL
TA 247Travel Centers of AmericaI-10 Exit 343BaldwinFL15:00FD
Pilot 088Pilot Oil CompanyI-95  Exit 201CocoaFL16:00FL
Loves 453LovesI-10 131CottondaleFL14:00FD
Loves 627Loves DAVENPORTFL17:00
Florida 595 Truck StopAmbestI-595 & 441 DavieFL15:00FD
LovesLovesI-10 70Defuniak SpringsFL13:00
Pilot 089Pilot Oil CompanyI-75  Exit 224EllentonFL14:00FL
Seminole TruckstopHwy 27  Ft LauderdaleFLFD
Pilot 352Pilot Oil CompanyI-75 Exit 139Ft MyersFL17:00CS
Pilot 090Pilot Oil CompanyI-95  Exit 129Ft PierceFL16:00DC
LovesLovesI-95 Exit 129Ft PierceFL16:00FD
Flying J 622Town Pump Flying JI-95 Hwy 68 Exit 131Ft PierceFL16:00FD
LovesLovesI- 95 Exit 131Ft PierceFL
Pilot 471Pilot Oil CompanyUS Hwy 27 N Haines CityFL17:00FD
Loves 620LovesHwy 20 & Hwy 301 HawthorneFL15:00FD
Pilot 1047Pilot Oil Company JacksonvilleFL17:00FD
Loves 603LovesI-95 Exit 366JacksonvilleFL17:00
TA 248Travel Centers of AmericaI-95 Exit 329JacksonvilleFL16:00FD
Pilot 091Pilot Oil CompanyI-95  Exit 329JacksonvilleFL16:00FD
Pilot 500Pilot Oil CompanyI- 75 Exit 460JasperFL13:00
LovesLovesI-75 451JASPERFL14:00FD
LovesLovesI-10/CR 255 262LeeFL12:00FD
Pilot 374Pilot Oil Company MariannaFL16:00FD
TA 178Travel Centers of AmericaI-10 Exit 142MariannaFL12:00PA
Pilot 374Pilot Oil CompanyI-10  Exit 141MariannaFLPA
Sunshine Travel Plaza - station 873Pilot Oil CompanyFl. T.P. Exit US RoMedleyFL16:00FD
Pilot #874/Dade CornersPilot Oil CompanyUS 41 & St Route 997 MiamiFL16:00FD
Flying J 623Town Pump Flying JI 10 Exit 192MidwayFL16:00FD
Pilot 425Pilot Oil CompanyI-10  Exit 192MidwayFL16:00FD
Exxon Fuel ExpressI 10 Exit 31MiltonFLFD
Loves 683LovesHwy 27 Moore HavenFL14:00FD
Loves 495LovesI-75 Exit 143N Fort MyersFL17:00
LovesLovesI-75 358OcalaFL17:00
Pilot 424Pilot Oil CompanyI-75  Exit 358OcalaFL15:00FD
Pilot 293Pilot Oil CompanyI-75  Exit 358OcalaFL15:00FD
Pilot 092Pilot Oil CompanyI-75  Exit 341OcalaFL15:00PA
Acme TruckstopFL.T.P. Exit 254OrlandoFL17:00FL
Loves 316LovesI - 95 Exit 273Ormond BeachFL14:00FD
Polk City TSI-4  Exit 44Polk CityFLFL
LovesLovesHwy 559 Exit 44Polk CityFL15:00FL
Pompano Truck StopI 95 Exit 36Pompano BeachFL16:00FD
Pilot 094Pilot Oil CompanyI - 75 Exit 161Punta GordaFL17:00FD
Petro 323Petro Stopping CentersI-75 Exit 368ReddickFL11:00FL
Flying J 624Town Pump Flying JI-75 Exit 285 &San AntonioFL15:00DC
TA 158Travel Centers of AmericaI-4 Exit 10SeffnerFL16:00FD
Flying J 625Town Pump Flying JI 4 & SR 579 Exit 10SeffnerFL16:00FD
Pilot 1046Pilot Oil Company SOUTH BAYFL16:00FL
Flying J 626Town Pump Flying JI-95 Hwy 206 ExSt AugustineFL16:00FD
TA 197Travel Centers of AmericaI-95 Exit 147Vero BeachFL16:00DC
TA 053Travel Centers of AmericaI-75 Exit 329WildwoodFL17:00FD
Pilot 095Pilot Oil CompanyI-75 Exit 329WildwoodFL12:00FD
Pilot 4556Pilot Oil CompanyI-75 329WildwoodFL12:00FD
Pilot 096Pilot Oil CompanyFL TP  Exit 193Yeehaw JunctionFL10:00FD
QuikTrip 757I 75 Exit 306AdairsvilleGAFD
Pilot 260Pilot Oil CompanyHWY 82 & Hwy 300  AlbanyGA17:00DC
Quik Trip 777I 20 Exit 44AtlantaGA18:00PA
Pilot 331Pilot Oil CompanyI-285  Exit 51AtlantaGA18:00FD
Petro 322Petro Stopping CentersI-285 Exit 12AtlantaGA18:00FL
Pilot 144Pilot Oil CompanyI-20 Exit 200AugustaGA17:00FD
Pilot 065Pilot Oil CompanyI-20 Exit 194AugustaGAPA
Pilot 066Pilot Oil CompanyI-85  Exit 129BraseltonGA13:00FL
Flying J 627Town Pump Flying JI 95 Exit 29BrunswickGA16:00FD
TA 258Travel Centers of AmericaI-95 Exit 29BrunswickGA17:00
LovesLovesI-95 Exit 29BrunswickGA16:00DC
Pilot 267Pilot Oil CompanyI-75  Exit 146ByronGA14:00PA
Pilot 4558Pilot Oil CompanyI-75 Exit 318CalhounGA17:00FD
Flying J 628Town Pump Flying JI 85 Exit 160CarnesvilleGA12:00FD
Pilot 4557Pilot Oil CompanyHWY 106 CarnesvilleGA12:00PA
Petro 377Petro Stopping CentersI-85 Exit 160CarnesvilleGA12:00FL
TA 146Travel Centers of AmericaI-75 Exit 296CartersvilleGA16:00FD
Pilot 067Pilot Oil CompanyI-75 Exit 296CARTERSVILLEGA16:00FD
Loves 359LovesI-75 283CARTERSVILLEGA16:00
TA 156Travel Centers of AmericaI-85 Exit 147CommerceGA14:00FD
Flying J 629Town Pump Flying JI-85 Exit 147CommerceGAFD
Pilot 416Pilot Oil CompanyI-75  Exit 101CordeleGA14:00PA
Pilot 319Pilot Oil CompanyI-75  Exit 328DaltonGA16:00FD
Pilot 421Pilot Oil CompanyI-75 Exit 326DaltonGA15:00PA
Quik Trip 707I-85 Exit 96DoravilleGA18:00PA
Pilot 068Pilot Oil CompanyI-16  Exit 51DUBLINGA13:00FL
LovesLovesI-16 Exit 49DublinGA13:00FD
QuikTrip 787I-675 Exit 5EllenwoodGA16:00FD
Greenway TruckstopI-85  Exit 61FairburnGA15:00FD
LovesLovesI-85/Hwy 54 28HogansvilleGA16:00FD
LovesLovesI-75  Exit 201JacksonGA14:00FL
Flying J 630Town Pump Flying JI-75 Exit 201JacksonGA14:00GR
Pilot 4560Pilot Oil CompanyI-75 Exit 201JacksonGA14:00GR
TA 100Travel Centers of AmericaI-75 201JacksonGA14:00FL
QuikTrip 737I 85 Exit 137JeffersonGA13:00FD
Petro 344Petro Stopping CentersI-95 Exit 3KingslandGA13:00FD
Pilot 4562Pilot Oil CompanyI-95 Exit 1KingslandGA17:00PA
Pilot 069Pilot Oil CompanyI-85  Exit 13LagrangeGA16:00FD
TA 249Travel Centers of AmericaI-75 Exit 2Lake ParkGA12:00FL
Flying J 631Town Pump Flying JI-75 Exit 2Lake ParkGA12:00PA
Loves 698LovesI-75 Sardis ChuMaconGA16:00FD
Pilot 420Pilot Oil CompanyI-20 Exit 114MadisonGA14:00FD
TA 045Travel Centers of AmericaI-20 Exit 114MadisonGA14:00FL
Greenway McFuelI-85  Exit 41NewnanGAFD
Pilot 422Pilot Oil CompanyI-85 Exit 41NewnanGA17:00FD
Pilot 071Pilot Oil CompanyI-95 Exit 109Port WentworthGA16:00FL
Flying J 632Town Pump Flying JI-75 Exit 321ResacaGA17:00PA
TA 177Travel Centers of AmericaI-95 Exit 87Richmond HillGA15:00FD
Loves 338LovesHwy 144 & I-95 Exit 90Richmond HillGA12:00FL
Pilot 415Pilot Oil CompanyI-59 Exit 4Rising FawnGA13:00FL
Pilot 575Pilot Oil CompanyI-75 Exit 1SAINT MARYSGA12:00FD
Pilot 072Pilot Oil CompanyI - 16 Exit 160SavannahGA18:00FD
Pilot 344Pilot Oil CompanyI-285 Exit 16SmyrnaGAPA
Pilot 312Pilot Oil CompanyI-20  Exit 5TallapoosaGA12:00FD
Noble TruckstopI-20  Exit 5TallapoosaGAFD
Pilot 417Pilot Oil CompanyI-20  Exit 19TempleGA12:00FD
Flying J 634Town Pump Flying JI 20 & Hwy 113 Exit 19TempleGA12:00FD
Loves 354LovesI-20 Exit 172ThomsonGA16:00FD
LovesLovesI-75 Exit 59TiftonGA16:00FD
Pilot 192Pilot Oil CompanyI-75  Exit 60TiftonGA16:00FL
Flying J 633Town Pump Flying JI-20 Exit 138Union PointGA12:00FD
Pilot 4561Pilot Oil CompanyI-75 Exit 11ValdostaGA15:00PA
Pilot 073Pilot Oil CompanyI-75  Exit 11ValdostaGA15:00FL
Pilot 398Pilot Oil CompanyI - 75 Exit 101ViennaGA13:00FD
Pilot 4559Pilot Oil CompanyI-20 Exit 26Villa RicaGA15:00GR
LovesLovesI-20 & Atlantic Ave. Exit 9WacoGA12:00FD
Pilot 254Pilot Oil CompanyI - 24 Exit 169WildwoodGA16:00FD
Fast Travel CtrI-24  Exit 169WildwoodGAFD
Flash Foods 195I 95 Exit 7WoodbineGA11:00FD
Ainsworth Four CornersHwy 92/218 AinsworthIAFD
Flying J 913Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 142AltoonaIA11:00FL
Atalissa Truck Stop AMBESTI- 80 Exit 265AtalissaIAFD
Pilot 496Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 265AtalissaIA16:00FD
Wings America - station 893Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 40AvocaIA12:00FL
TA 254Travel Centers of AmericaI-80 Exit 197BrooklynIA16:00
Pilot 495Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 201BrooklynIA12:00FD
Kwik Star #303Kwik TripI-80 Exit 201BrooklynIAFD
Just Diesel Handi MartI-380 Exit 13Cedar RapidsIA16:00FD
Center Point Travel PlazaAmbestI 380 Exit 35Center PointIAFD
Center Point Travel PlazaAmbestI 380 Exit 35Center PointIA
Pilot 407Pilot Oil CompanyI-35 Exit 194Clear LakeIA17:00FD
TA 066Travel Centers of AmericaI-80/29 Exit 3Council BluffsIA16:00FL
Pilot 329Pilot Oil CompanyI-80  Exit 1BCouncil BluffsIA16:00FL
Sapp BrosSapp BrothersI-80/29  Exit 1bCouncil BluffsIA16:00CS
Flying J 636Town Pump Flying JI-80  Exit 292DavenportIA16:00DC
LovesLovesI-80 Exit 292DavenportIA15:00FD
LovesLovesI-35/80 Exit 125Des MoinesIA17:00DR
Pilot 373Pilot Oil CompanyI-80/I-35  Exit 126Des MoinesIA17:00FD
Kwik Stop151/61 North  DubuqueIACS
Road Ranger - station 532Pilot Oil CompanyI-380 Exit 68Elk Run HgtsIA17:00CS
Loves 684LovesI-35 Exit 133EllsworthIA16:00FD
Flying J 637Town Pump Flying JI-380 Exit 68EvansdaleIA17:00FD
Loves 670LovesHwy 18 FloydIA15:00FD
Timber City Travel PlazaRoady'sHwy 61 Exit 156MaquoketaIAFD
Pilot 1012Pilot Oil CompanyHwy 218 & 34 Mt PleasantIA15:00
A&E Travel CenterAmbestI-29 141MuscatineIA17:00FD
LovesLovesI-80/E 44th st s. NewtonIA13:00FD
Pilot 131Pilot Oil CompanyI-35 34OsceolaIA14:00FD
Casey's General StoreI 35 Exit 33OsceolaIA14:00FD
Sapp BrosSapp BrothersI-29  Exit 10PercivalIA14:00CS
Pilot 238Pilot Oil CompanyI-29 10PercivalIA14:00FD
Loves 426LovesI-80 Exit 34ShelbyIA16:00
LovesLovesI-20 Exit 143Sioux CityIA16:00FD
Pilot #594Pilot Oil CompanyI-29 Exit 143Sioux CityIA16:00CS
Pilot 268Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 284WalcottIA15:00CS
TA 077Travel Centers of AmericaI-80 Exit 284WalcottIA15:00FL
Pilot 043Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 284WalcottIA15:00FL
Flying J 572Pilot Oil CompanyI-35 144WILLIAMSIA14:30FD
Flying J 766Town Pump Flying JI 15 Exit 93BlackfootID15:00FD
Flying J 777Town Pump Flying JI 84 Exit 54BoiseID15:00FD
TA 167Travel Centers of AmericaI-84 Exit 54BoiseID16:00FD
Flying J 638Town Pump Flying JI-84 Exit 29CaldwellID15:00FL
Sage Travel PlazaI-84  Exit 29CaldwellIDDC
Travelers OasisAmbestI-84  Exit 182EdenIDGR
LovesLovesI 84 & Hwy 30 Exit 211HeyburnID10:00FD
KJ's Travel CenterI-15 Exit 119Idaho FallsID16:00FD
Loves 478LovesI-15 113Idaho FallsID16:00FD
Flying J 1043Pilot Oil CompanyI-15 Exit 113Idaho FallsID16:00
Flying J 640Town Pump Flying JI-84  Exit 173JeromeID14:00FD
Flying J 767Town Pump Flying JJct Hwy 12 & 95 LewistonIDFD
Flying J 641Town Pump Flying JI-15 47McCammonID14:30FL
Pilot 350Pilot Oil CompanyI-84  Exit 95Mountain HomeID14:00PA
Flying J 639Town Pump Flying JI 90 Exit 2Post FallsID15:00FL
Loves 301LovesI-90 2POST FALLSID14:00
Pilot 1030Pilot Oil Company ALSIPIL16:00DC
Pilot 299Pilot Oil CompanyI-55 Exit 160aBloomingtonIL16:00FL
TA 092Travel Centers of AmericaI-55 Exit 160ABloomingtonIL16:00FL
Greater Chicago I-55 Truck StopPTP STOPSI-55 Exit 267BolingbrookIL18:00FD
Pilot 1042Pilot Oil Company BridgeviewIL17:00
Pilot 1041Pilot Oil Company CAROL STREAMIL17:00FD
Road Ranger - station 526Pilot Oil CompanyI 57 Exit 240ChampaignIL15:00FD
Pilot 473Pilot Oil CompanyI-55 & Rte 6 248ChannahonIL16:00FD
Pilot 368Pilot Oil CompanyI-72 144 (SE QuDecaturIL15:00FD
Circle K 1398AmbestI 55 Exit 80DivernonILFD
Loves 292LovesI-55 220DwightIL16:00FD
Flying J 642Town Pump Flying JI 255 Exit 17East St LouisIL16:00FD
Pilot 313Pilot Oil CompanyI-70/I-55  Exit 4East St LouisIL15:00FL
Pilot 165Pilot Oil CompanyI-70  Exit 162EffinghamIL16:00PA
TA 035Travel Centers of AmericaI-57/70 Exit 160EffinghamIL16:00FD
Petro 321Petro Stopping CentersI-57/70 Exit 159EffinghamIL17:00FD
Flying J 643Town Pump Flying JI-57/I-70 Exit 160EffinghamIL17:00FD
Loves 685LovesI-74 Exit 51GalesburgIL15:00FD
Pilot/FJ 468Pilot Oil CompanyI-57 283GilmanIL15:00FD
Loves 688LovesI-70 Exit 119GreenupIL15:00FD
LovesLovesI-70 45GreenvilleIL16:00FD
Loves 578LovesI-55 30HamelIL18:00
Arrowhead Mobil OasisI-90 U.S. Hwy 20 Exit 36HampshireILFD
Pilot 543Pilot Oil CompanyI 90 Exit 36HampshireIL11:00FL
TA 044Travel Centers of AmericaI-90 U.S. Hwy 20 Exit 36HampshireIL11:00FL
Hillsdale Fast BreakI 88 Exit 4BHillsdaleILFD
LovesLovesI-57 Exit 83InaIL12:00FD
Loves 687LovesI-72 Exit 64JACKSONVILLEIL16:00FD
PilotPilot Oil Company JolietIL16:00FD
Loves 395LovesI-57 308KankakeeIL15:00FD
Flying J 644Town Pump Flying JI 80 Exit 77La SalleIL16:00FD
LovesLovesI-74 Exit 149LeroyIL15:00FD
Thornton's Travel PlazaI 55  Exit126LincolnIL15:00FD
Pilot 595Pilot Oil CompanyI-57 Exit 54bMarionIL14:00FD
Pilot 347Pilot Oil CompanyI-55 145McLeanIL12:00FD
Gromann's I-39Roady'sI-39 Hwy 34MendotaILFD
Pilot #326Pilot Oil CompanyI-39 Exit 27MinonkIL12:00FD
Pilot 236Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 122MinookaIL12:00FD
Petro 367Petro Stopping CentersI-57 Exit 335MoneeIL15:00FL
Pilot 039Pilot Oil CompanyI-57  Exit 335MoneeIL15:00FD
Romines Travel Plaza AMBESTI-80 Exit 112MorrisILFD
TA 236Travel Centers of AmericaI-80/Rte 47 112bMorrisIL15:00FD
PilotPilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 112MorrisIL18:00
Morton Travel CenterAmbestI 74 Exit 102MortonILFD
Huck's TruckstopI-57 Exit 95MOUNT VERNONIL11:00FD
TA 043Travel Centers of AmericaI-57 Exit 95Mt VernonIL13:00FL
Pilot 482Pilot Oil CompanyI-57 95Mt VernonIL13:00FD
Little NashvilleI-64 Exit 50NashvilleILFL
Loves 583LovesI-64 & St Rte 161 New BadenIL17:00DC
Pilot 171Pilot Oil CompanyI-74 Exit 206OakwoodIL15:00
LovesLovesI-39 Exit 54OglesbyIL16:00
Road Ranger 515Pilot Oil CompanyI-55 92OTTAWAIL13:00FD
Sapp BrosSapp BrothersI-80  Exit 73PeruILFD
Flying J 645Town Pump Flying JI-270 Exit 6BPontoon BeachIL16:00DC
Road Ranger - station 541Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 56PrincetonIL14:00FL
Petro 359Petro Stopping CentersI-39 Exit 99RochelleIL12:00FL
Road Ranger - station 539Pilot Oil CompanyI-39 Exit 99RochelleIL12:00FD
Johnson OilI-39  Exit 115RockfordILFD
LovesLovesI-90 Exit 3RoscoeIL15:00FD
TA 030Travel Centers of AmericaI-94 Exit RusseRussellIL13:00FL
Flying J 646Town Pump Flying JI-90 & HWY 75 South BeloitIL12:00FL
Road Ranger - station 536Pilot Oil CompanyI-90 Exit 1South BeloitILFL
Loves 231LovesI-94 73BSOUTH HOLLANDIL16:00FD
TruckomatI-94  Exit 74South HollandILPA
Road Ranger - station 525Pilot Oil CompanyI-55 Exit 100aSpringfieldIL16:00FL
Pilot 249Pilot Oil CompanyI 55/70  Exit 18TroyIL14:00PA
TA 199Travel Centers of AmericaI-55 Exit 18TroyIL14:00FD
Road Ranger - station 529Pilot Oil CompanyI-57 Exit 212TuscolaILFL
Loves LovesI-80 Exit 81UticaIL15:00FD
LovesLovesI-55  Exit 109WilliamsvilleIL12:00FL
Petro 402Petro Stopping Centers WILMINGTONIL17:00FD
Pilot Flying J 476Pilot Oil CompanyI-74 Exit 32WoodhullIL14:00PA
LovesLovesI-69 348AngolaIN16:00
Petro 376Petro Stopping CentersI-70 Exit 23BrazilIN16:00DC
Pilot 444Pilot Oil CompanyI-70  Exit 23BrazilIN16:00DC
Pilot 445Pilot Oil CompanyI-94 Exit 22Burns HarborIN13:00FD
TA 250Travel Centers of America ChestertonINFD
TA 102Travel Centers of AmericaI-70 Exit 59ClaytonIN14:00RE
Cloverdale Travel Pl - PTPPTP STOPSI 70 Exit 41CloverdaleINFD
County Line Travel PlazaRoady's Columbia CityINFD
Pilot 339Pilot Oil CompanyI-74  Exit 4CovingtonIN14:00PA
Pilot 247Pilot Oil CompanyI - 74 Exit 39CrawfordsvilleIN17:00FD
Pilot 446Pilot Oil CompanyI-69 Exit 34DalevilleIN15:00OE
Pilot 028Pilot Oil CompanyI-69 Exit 34DalevilleIN14:00OE
TA 241Travel Centers of AmericaI-65 230DemotteIN13:00FD
Loves 394LovesI-65 230DEMOTTEIN13:00
Petro 345Petro Stopping CentersI-69 Exit 157FremontIN15:00DC
Pilot 029Pilot Oil CompanyI-69  Exit 157FremontIN15:00DC
Pilot 881/Ft Wayne Truck PlazaPilot Oil CompanyI-69 Exit 109 AFt WayneIN16:00FD
LovesLovesI-80/94 Exit 9aGaryIN16:00FL
Petro 369Petro Stopping CentersI-80/94 Exit 9aGaryIN16:00FD
TA 010Travel Centers of AmericaI-80/94 Exit 6GaryIN17:00FL
Pilot 271Pilot Oil CompanyI-80/90/65  Exit 6GaryIN17:00FL
Mr Fuel 719Pilot Oil Company GaryIN18:00DC
Petro 380Petro Stopping CentersI-69 Exit 45GastonIN12:00FD
Pilot 030Pilot Oil CompanyI-70  Exit 96GreenfieldIN15:00DC
Petro 379Petro Stopping CentersI-74 Exit 143GreensburgIN14:00FD
Road Ranger - station 542Pilot Oil CompanyI-65 Exit 99GreenwoodIN14:00FL
Grovertown Truckstop - PTPPTP STOPSU.S. 30 E. GrovertownINPA
Pilot - station 447Pilot Oil CompanyI-64 Exit 25bHaubstadtIN16:00PA
LovesLovesI-64 Exit 25HaubstadtIN16:00PA
Flying J 647Town Pump Flying JI 64 & SR 41 Exit 25BHaubstadtIN16:00FD
Pilot 448Pilot Oil CompanyI-65  Exit 240HebronIN11:00PA
Pilot 152Pilot Oil CompanyI-65 Exit 16HENRYVILLEIN12:00DC
Pilot 031Pilot Oil CompanyI-80  Exit 2HighlandIN16:00FL
Mr Fuel 721Pilot Oil Company IndianapolisIN18:00FD
Flying J 649Town Pump Flying JI-465  Exit 4IndianapolisIN17:00FL
Pilot 318Pilot Oil CompanyI-465  Exit 4 IndianapolisIN16:00FL
Loves 600LovesI-69 Exit 214IngallsIN16:00
LovesLovesI- 70 Exit 115KNIGHTSTOWNIN15:00
Mr. Fuel 1020Pilot Oil Company Lake StationIN16:00DC
Road RangerRoad RangerI-80/94 Exit 16Lake StationINPA
TA 219Travel Centers of AmericaI-80/I-94 Exit 16Lake StationIN13:00FL
Road Ranger - station 546Pilot Oil CompanyI-80/94 Exit 15BLake StationIN12:00FD
Flying J 650Town Pump Flying JI-94 Exit 15BLake StationIN13:00FL
Pilot 478Pilot Oil CompanyI-64 Exit 92LeavenworthIN16:00FD
Flying J 652Town Pump Flying JI-65  Exit 139LebanonIN15:00DR
Flying J 653Town Pump Flying JI-65 Exit 240LowellIN12:00FD
Flying J 1086Pilot Oil Company MarionIN17:00FD
LovesLovesI-69 Exit 64MarionIN12:00FD
LovesLovesI-65  Exit 16MemphisIN12:00FD
Loves 254LovesI-70/SR 39 59MOORESVILLEIN16:00FD
Flying J 304Pilot Oil CompanyI469 19NEW HAVENIN18:00FD
TA 244Travel Centers of AmericaI-70 @ 131New LisbonINFD
Pilot 362Pilot Oil CompanyI-69  Exit 14PendletonIN15:00FD
Gallahan Travel Ctr - PTPPTP STOPSUS 31/24  PeruIN12:00FD
LovesLovesI-74 Exit 61PittsboroIN12:00FD
Pilot 198Pilot Oil CompanyUS Hwy 30 & 31 PlymouthIN14:00FD
Loves 633Loves PlymouthIN16:00FD
TA 220Travel Centers of AmericaI-94 Exit 22bPorterIN13:00FD
Pilot 034Pilot Oil CompanyI-65  Exit 201RemingtonIN12:00PA
Petro 382Petro Stopping CentersI-65 Exit 201RemingtonIN12:00FL
LovesLovesI-70  Exit 149bRichmondIN11:00FL
LovesLovesI-74 123Saint PaulIN15:00FD
TA 065Travel Centers of AmericaI-65 Exit 50SeymourIN15:00DC
Pilot 242Pilot Oil CompanyI-74 109ShelbyvilleIN15:00FD
Pilot 035Pilot Oil CompanyI-80/94  Exit 72South BendIN16:00FD
Mr Fuel 731Pilot Oil Company SpicelandIN17:00FD
Flying J 655Town Pump Flying JI-70  Exit 123SpicelandIN12:00DR
Loves 664LovesUS Hwy 41 Terre HauteIN16:00FD
Pilot 297Pilot Oil CompanyI-70  Exit 11Terre HauteIN17:00PA
Pilot 036Pilot Oil CompanyUS 30 EST  ValparaisoIN13:00FL
Kaghann's Korner Auto Truck PlazaI-69 Exit 134WaterlooINDC
LovesLovesI-65 Exit 95WhitelandIN15:00PA
Pilot 037Pilot Oil CompanyI-65  Exit 95WhitelandIN15:00CS
Flying J 656Town Pump Flying JI-65  Exit 95WhitelandIN15:00GR
Loves 459LovesI-65 133WhitestownIN15:00FD
TA 173Travel Centers of AmericaI-65 Exit 130WhitestownIN12:00DC
Loves 592LovesHwy 24 & St Rte 101 WoodburnIN17:00FD
Loves 647LovesHwy 81 BellevilleKS15:00FD
Loves 692LovesHwy 169 ChanuteKS11:00FD
Petro 386Petro Stopping CentersI 70 Exit 53ColbyKSFD
Pilot 920Pilot Oil CompanyI70 54COLBYKS16:00FD
Flying J 657Town Pump Flying JHwy 400 & 283 Dodge CityKS15:00FD
Loves 558LovesHwy 400 Dodge CityKS18:00
On The Go Travel Center EdwardsvilleKS15:00DC
LovesLovesI-70 145EllisKSFL
Flying J 658Town Pump Flying JI 35 & US 50 Exit 127EmporiaKS16:00FD
Garden City Travel PlazaUS 50 & US 83 Garden CityKSFD
Loves 656LovesHwy 50 HolcombKS16:00
Sapp BrosSapp BrothersI-70  Exit 295Junction CityKSFD
Pilot 524Pilot Oil CompanyI-635 Exit 3Kansas CityKS17:00
Quik Trip 231I-635 Exit 3Kansas CityKS16:00FD
TA 252Travel Centers of AmericaI-35 Exit 155LeboKS13:00FD
Loves 632LovesHwy 54 & Hwy 83 LiberalKS14:00FD
Loves 608LovesI-35 Exit 60McPhersonKS17:00FD
Newell Truck PlazaAmbestI-135  Exit 31NewtonKS12:00FD
TA 091Travel Centers of AmericaI-70 76OakleyKSFD
Star Fuel CtrI-35  Exit 215OlatheKS17:00FD
Loves 258LovesI-35 183OTTAWAKS16:00FD
Fleming Travel PlazaI 135 Exit 92SalinaKSFD
Flying J 659Town Pump Flying JI 70 Exit 253SalinaKS15:00FD
Pilot 903Pilot Oil CompanyI-70 Exit 252SalinaKS15:00FD
Petro 366Petro Stopping CentersI-70 Exit 252SalinaKS15:00DR
Loves 655Loves Scott CityKS16:00FD
Loves 703Loves South HutchinsonKS17:00FD
Central Travel PlazaHwy 96 & 50 South HutchinsonKS15:00FD
Fleming Travel PlazaI 235 Exit 15WichitaKSFD
Loves 348LovesI-24 Exit 27Calvert CityKY16:00FD
Flying J 660Town Pump Flying JI-64 SR 180 Exit 185CatlettsburgKY17:00PL
LovesLovesI-75 Exit 29CorbinKY16:00FD
Pilot 231Pilot Oil CompanyI-75 Exit 29CorbinKY16:00PA
TA 093Travel Centers of AmericaI-75 Exit 181FlorenceKY17:00FD
Sudden Service #62 Travel CenterAmbestI-65 Exit 6FranklinKYFD
Flying J 661Town Pump Flying JI-65 Exit 2FranklinKY16:00FD
Pilot 438Pilot Oil CompanyI-65 Exit 6FranklinKY11:00FL
Pilot 046Pilot Oil CompanyI - 65 Exit 6FranklinKY12:00FD
Pilot 047Pilot Oil CompanyI-75  Exit 129GeorgetownKY18:00FD
Pilot 353Pilot Oil CompanyI-75 Exit 129GeorgetownKY18:00
Pilot 048Pilot Oil CompanyI-65  Exit 86GlendaleKY11:00FD
Petro 330Petro Stopping CentersI-65 Exit 86GlendaleKY10:00FL
LovesLovesI-64 Exit 172GraysonKY14:00FD
Super Quick TruckstopI-64 Exit 172GraysonKYPL
LovesLovesI-218 Exit 59Horse CaveKY12:00FD
Pilot 399Pilot Oil CompanyI-65 Exit 105Lebanon JctKY12:00FD
Donerail Travel CenterI 75 Exit 120LexingtonKY
London Auto TruckAmbestI-75 Exit 41LondonKY16:00FD
BP Town and CountryRTE KY 9  MaysvilleKYFL
Gasoline Alley 3AA Highway MaysvilleKYFD
Pilot 240Pilot Oil CompanyHwy 25 & Rte 2 MiddlesboroKY16:00
Pilot 156Pilot Oil CompanyHwy 813 Exit 37Mortons GapKY15:00FD
Pilot 041Pilot Oil CompanyI-64 Exit 113Mt SterlingKY14:00FD
Flying J 662Town Pump Flying JI 24 Exit 86Oak GroveKY11:00FD
Pilot 439Pilot Oil CompanyI-24  Exit 86Oak GroveKY11:00FD
Pilot 049Pilot Oil CompanyI-24  Exit 89Oak GroveKY11:00FL
Jumpin Jacks T/s6057 Hwy 60 East  OwensboroKYFD
Pilot 358Pilot Oil CompanyI-24  Exit 3PaducahKY14:00FD
Southern PrideI-24 Exit 16PaducahKYFD
Pilot 440Pilot Oil CompanyI-71 Exit 28PendletonKY16:00FD
Pilot 050Pilot Oil CompanyI-71 Exit 28PendletonKY16:00DC
LovesLovesI-75 Exit 95RichmondKY17:00FD
Loves 618LovesI-75 Exit 136SadievilleKY15:00
LovesLovesI-71/KY Hwy 39 55SandersKY13:00FD
Pilot 356Pilot Oil CompanyI-65  Exit 121ShepherdsvilleKY16:00PA
LovesLovesI-65 Exit Hwy 4ShepherdsvilleKY16:00FL
Pilot 354Pilot Oil CompanyI-64  Exit 28SimpsonvilleKY14:00FL
Smiths Grove TravelI-65 Exit 38Smiths GroveKYFD
Pilot 392Pilot Oil CompanyI-65 Exit 81SonoraKY10:00FL
LovesLovesI-64/ SR 395 43WaddyKY16:00FD
Flying J 663Town Pump Flying JI-64 & Hwy 395 43WaddyKY17:00FD
Pilot 321Pilot Oil CompanyI-75 Exit 175WaltonKYFL
Pilot 278Pilot Oil CompanyI-75  Exit 175WaltonKY18:00FD
TA 028Travel Centers of AmericaI-71/75 Exit 175WaltonKY18:00PA
Flying J 664Town Pump Flying JI-75 Exit 171WaltonKY17:00OE
Pilot 437Pilot Oil CompanyI-75  Exit 11WilliamsburgKY10:00FD
Road RangerRoad RangerI 64 Exit 94WinchesterKYFD
Winchester 96 T/SI-64 Exit 96WinchesterKYFD
Silver's Travel CtrAmbestI-10 Exit 109Breaux BridgeLADC
Pilot 274Pilot Oil CompanyI-10  Exit 109Breaux BridgeLA14:00PA
Pilot 079Pilot Oil CompanyI-12  Exit 10Denham SpringsLAFL
Pilot 079Pilot Oil Company Denham SpringsLA17:00FD
Petro 343Petro Stopping CentersI - 10 Exit 76EganLAFD
TA 237Travel Centers of AmericaI-20 5GreenwoodLA12:00FD
LovesLovesI-20  Exit 3GreenwoodLA13:00FL
Flying J 665Town Pump Flying JI-20  Exit 3GreenwoodLA16:00FL
Tiger Truck StopRoady'sI 10 Exit 139Grosse TeteLAFD
Petro 310Petro Stopping CentersI-12 Exit 40HammondLA16:00FL
Pilot 300Pilot Oil CompanyI-20  Exit 40HammondLA16:00OC
Pilot 199Pilot Oil CompanyI-20  Exit 33HaughtonLA12:00PA
Pilot 1051Pilot Oil Company IowaLA17:00
LovesLovesI-10 43IowaLA15:00FD
King's Travel PlazaRoady'sI 10 Exit 43IowaLAFD
TA 161Travel Centers of AmericaI-10 Exit 101LafayetteLA17:00FL
Pilot 082Pilot Oil CompanyI-10/55  Exit 209LaplaceLA16:00FD
Laplace Travel CtrRoady'sI-10 Exit 209LaplaceLAFD
LovesLovesI-20/Hwy 531 Exit 49MindenLA17:00FD
Big Easy Truck Stop - PTPPTP STOPSI-10  Exit 239New OrleansLAFD
Mardi Gras Truck Stop - PTPPTP STOPSI-10  Exit 237New OrleansLAFD
Palace TSRoady'sI-10 Exit 510 SNew OrleansLAFD
LovesLovesI-10  Exit 151Port AllenLA15:00FL
Cash's Truck PlazaI-10 Exit 151Port AllenLA16:00FD
Loves 663LovesHwy 190 Port BarreLA12:00FD
LovesLovesI-10 Exit 92RayneLA13:00
Frog City Travel Plaza AMBESTAmbestI-10  Exit 87RayneLAFD
Pilot 335Pilot Oil CompanyI-20  Exit 138RayvilleLA12:00RE
Petro 308Petro Stopping CentersI-20 Exit 8ShreveportLA17:00FL
TA 180Travel Centers of AmericaI-10 Exit 266SlidellLA13:00FL
Pilot 085I - 10 Exit 20SulphurLAFD
LovesLovesI-20 Exit 171TallulahLA17:00FD
TA 046Travel Centers of AmericaI-20 Exit 171TallulahLA14:00CS
LovesLovesI-10 Exit 7VintonLA12:00FD
Pilot 428Pilot Oil CompanyI-20 Exit 112West MonroeLA16:00FD
Pride Travel CenterAmbestI-90  Exit 6ChicopeeMA15:00FD
Plainville Truckstop-CitgoRTE 495 Exit 14bPlainvilleMAFD
Flynn's Truckstop - PTPPTP STOPSUS 20  Exit MA.14ShrewsburyMA17:00CS
Pilot 222Pilot Oil CompanyI-84  Exit 1SturbridgeMA15:00OC
New England Truckstop - PTPPTP STOPSI-84  Exit 3ASturbridgeMACS
Interstate Travel PlazaI-495 Exit 14AWrenthamMAOC
Flying J 804Town Pump Flying J WinnipegMB15:00FD
Keysers Ridge Auto Truck StopI-68 Exit 19AccidentMDFD
TA 216Travel Centers of AmericaI-95 Exit 57BaltimoreMD14:00FD
Loves 537LovesMD 144 Ali Ghan RCumberlandMD17:00
Flying J - Patriot FarmsI-90 Exit 109ElktonMD16:00FL
TA 019Travel Centers of AmericaI-95 Exit 109bElktonMD16:00DC
Pilot 408Pilot Oil CompanyI-68 Exit 22GrantsvilleMD16:00FD
Loves 682LovesI-81 Exit 10AHagerstownMD16:00FD
Pilot 179Pilot Oil CompanyI-81 58HagerstownMD17:00FD
Pilot 150Pilot Oil CompanyI-70 & US 63 HAGERSTOWNMD16:00DC
A C & T Travel CenterAmbestI-81 Exit 5HagerstownMD16:00DC
Hancock Travel PlazaI-70 Exit 3HancockMDFD
TA 151Travel Centers of AmericaI-95 Exit 41AJessupMD17:00FD
New Transit TruckstopI 97  Exit 10MillersvilleMDFD
Flying J 784Town Pump Flying JI-95  Exit 100NortheastMD16:00CS
Pilot 290Pilot Oil CompanyI-95  Exit 93PerryvilleMD16:00DC
Dysart's TruckstopI-95 Exit 180HermonMEFD
Howells Travel StopIrving Truck StopsI-95 Exit 2KitteryMEFD
Pilot 017Pilot Oil CompanyI-94  Exit 104Battle CreekMI16:00FD
TA 242Travel Centers of AmericaI-94 Exit 104Battle CreekMI14:00FD
Mobil Travel Center and Truck PlazaI 275 Exit 194BellevilleMIFD
Flying J 666Town Pump Flying JI-94  Exit 30Benton HarborMI16:00FD
TA 198Travel Centers of AmericaI-75 Exit 144BBridgeportMI11:00FD
76th Street Auto/Truck PlazaUS 131  Exit 76Byron CenterMI17:00FL
Truck CityI 94 Exit 210ADearbornMI15:00FD
Pilot 021Pilot Oil CompanyI-94 Exit 167DexterMI13:00FD
TA 089Travel Centers of AmericaI-94 Exit 167DexterMI16:00DC
Pilot 296Pilot Oil CompanyI-94 Exit 167DexterMI13:00GR
Hartland MobilUS HWY 23 Exit 70FentonMI15:00FD
Flying J 667Town Pump Flying JI-96 Exit 90; I-69 and Exit 81 Grand LedgeMI17:00FD
Pohl Oil Travel PlazaRoady'sHwy 96 & M100 Exit 86Grand LedgeMIFD
Charlie's Country CornerI-75  Exit 251GraylingMIFD
Tulip City TruckstopI-196  Exit 49HollandMIFD
Pilot 1021Pilot Oil CompanyI-196 Exit 49HollandMI15:00
M-46 Auto Truck PlazaHighway 131 Exit 120Howard CityMI
Pilot 023Pilot Oil CompanyI-96  Exit 67IoniaMI11:00FD
Pilot 596Pilot Oil CompanyI-69 196KimballMI16:00FD
LovesLovesI 94 Exit 112MarshallMI17:00FD
Pilot 024Pilot Oil CompanyI-75 Exit 15MonroeMI17:00FD
TA 069Travel Centers of AmericaI-75 Exit 15MonroeMI17:00FD
Pilot 284Pilot Oil CompanyI-75 Exit 18MonroeMI17:00FD
Chapp's LandingI-275 Exit 11New BostonMI15:00FD
JDs Truck StopUS 31 Bypass NilesMIFD
Pilot 026Pilot Oil CompanyUS 23 Exit 5Ottawa LakeMI15:00FD
Bisco'sI-69 Exit 184RileyMIFD
Madco Truck PlazaI-94  Exit 200RomulusMIPA
Flying J 668Town Pump Flying JI 75 Exit 151SaginawMI17:00FD
Holiday Stations 262 Sault Sainte MarieMI16:00
TA 116Travel Centers of AmericaI-94 Exit 12SawyerMI13:00FD
TA 243Travel Centers of AmericaI-69 Exit 25TekonshaMI13:00FD
Flying J #895/Detroiter TCPilot Oil CompanyI-75 Exit 32WoodhavenMI17:00FD
76th Street Auto/Truck Plaza WyomingMI
LovesLovesI - 90/ I - 35 Exit 11Albert LeaMN13:00FD
Petro 398Petro Stopping CentersI-90/35, Exit 11Albert LeaMN12:00FD
Flying J 590Town Pump Flying JI-94 100ALEXANDRIAMN14:00FD
Pilot 521Pilot Oil CompanyI-90 Exit 179AustinMNCS
Petro 389Petro Stopping CentersI-94 Exit 178ClearwaterMNDR
Olson's Truck Stop AMBESTAmbestI 94 Exit 183ClearwaterMNFD
Truckers InnAmbestI-35 Exit 59FARIBAULTMNFD
Holiday Stations 408 Forest LakeMN15:00
Pilot/FJ 581Pilot Oil CompanyHWY 52 Inver Grove HeightsMN16:00FD
Mega StopI-35 Exit 81LakevilleMN15:00FD
Flying J 576Town Pump Flying JI-35 Exit 69NorthfieldMN12:00FD
Kwik Trip #403Kwik TripI-35 Exit 45OwatonnaMNFD
TA 190Travel Centers of AmericaI-94 Exit 207RogersMN14:00DR
Holiday Stations 388 Rush CityMN15:00
Truckers InnRoady'sI-94 Exit 127Sauk CentreMNFD
Holiday StationI-169/Hwy 41 ShakopeeMNFD
Stockmen's TruckstopI-494 Exit 64ASouth St PaulMN16:00PA
Pilot 134Pilot Oil CompanyI-94 Exit 171St CloudMN16:00FD
Worthington Travel PlazaAmbestI-90 Exit 45WorthingtonMNFD
Loves 621Loves BevierMO14:00FD
Loves 488LovesI-55 Exit 157BloomsdaleMO15:00
LovesLovesI-70 Exit 101BoonvilleMO16:00FD
Pilot 044Pilot Oil CompanyI-70  Exit 101BoonvilleMO15:00FD
Loves 612LovesHwy 370 Exit 9BridgetonMO17:00FD
Jones Travel CenterI-35 Exit 54CameronMO15:00FD
Pilot 571Pilot Oil CompanyI-57 Exit 12CharlestonMO15:00RE
Casey's General StoreHwy 36 & Hwy 65 ChillicotheMO14:00FD
Jump Stop 8 385Pilot Oil CompanyUS 54 & ST 13 CollinsMO11:00FD
Midway Truck Plaza - PTPPTP STOPSI-70 Exit 121ColumbiaMOFD
TA 018Travel Centers of AmericaI-70 Exit 58ConcordiaMO13:00CS
Midwest PetroleumI-44 Exit 208CubaMOFD
Midwest Travel CenterAmbest CubaMO17:00
Loves 500LovesI-35 Exit 106EaglevilleMO13:00
Road Ranger - station 533Pilot Oil CompanyI 45 Exit 275FentonMO17:00FD
Mr Fuel 715Pilot Oil Company ForistellMO17:00FD
TA 175Travel Centers of AmericaI-70 Exit 203ForistellMO15:00GR
Pilot 442Pilot Oil CompanyI-55  Exit 19HaytiMO12:00FD
QuikTrip 611I 55 Exit 178HerculaneumMOFD
Pilot 443Pilot Oil CompanyI-70  Exit 49HigginsvilleMO09:00FL
Petro 354Petro Stopping CentersI-44 Exit 4JoplinMO16:00PA
LovesLovesI-44  Exit 4JoplinMO16:00CS
Pilot 317Pilot Oil CompanyI-44  Exit 4JoplinMO16:00GR
Flying J 669Town Pump Flying JI 44 Exit 11AJoplinMO16:00FD
Flying J 768Town Pump Flying JI-435  Exit 57Kansas CityMO16:00FL
Pilot 252Pilot Oil CompanyI-35 Exit 26KearneyMO14:00FD
Petro 318Petro Stopping CentersI-70 Exit 148 -Kingdom CityMO17:00FL
Lamar Travel PlazaRoady'sUS 71/US 160 LamarMOFD
Lamarti's Truck StopAmbest LamarMOFD
Pilot 301Pilot Oil CompanyI-55 Exit 40MarstonMO16:00RE
TA 051Travel Centers of AmericaI-55 Exit 58MatthewsMO17:00FD
Flying J 671Town Pump Flying JI 55 Exit 58MatthewsMO17:00FD
LovesLovesI-55 Exit 58MatthewsMO17:00FD
TA 072Travel Centers of AmericaI-44 Exit 46Mt VernonMO18:00PA
Loves 585LovesI-49 Exit Hwy 8NeoshoMO16:00DC
Pilot 167Pilot Oil CompanyUS 71 Exit MO-KNevadaMO12:00FD
Loves 669LovesHwy 61 New LondonMO05:00FD
Petro 370Petro Stopping CentersI-70 Exit 28Oak GroveMO13:00DC
TA 052Travel Centers of AmericaI-70 Exit 28Oak GroveMO13:00FL
Pilot 208Pilot Oil CompanyI-44 Exit 257PacificMO14:00FD
Flying J 672Town Pump Flying JUS Hwy 71 Exit JPeculiarMO15:00FD
Mr Fuel 718Pilot Oil Company PevelyMO17:00FD
I-55 Motor PlazaI-55  Exit 180PevelyMO14:00FD
QuikTrip 179I 35 Exit 52BPleasant ValleyMOFD
Loves 341LovesI-44 & County rd V Exit 189RollaMO12:00FL
Road Ranger - station 547Pilot Oil CompanyI 44 Exit 163Saint RobertMO13:00FD
Ozora Truck & Travel PlazaI-55 Exit 143Sainte GenevieveMOFD
Rhodes Travel CenterI-55 Exit 91Scott CityMOFD
Loves 643LovesHwy 60 SikestonMO16:00FD
Come & GoMO 744 SpringfieldMO17:00FD
Flying J 1061Town Pump Flying J SPRINGFIELDMO14:00FD
Wiedmaier Truckstop AMBESTAmbestI-29 Exit 44St JosephMOFD
LovesLovesI-29/ Hwy 169  St JosephMO17:00FD
LovesLovesI- 70 Exit 246ASt LouisMO14:00
QuikTrip 605I 270 Exit 33St LouisMO16:00FD
Loves 458LovesI-44 88StraffordMO15:00FD
TA 137Travel Centers of AmericaI-44 Exit 88StraffordMO15:00FL
Flying J 673Town Pump Flying JI 44/Hwy 185 Exit 226SullivanMO15:00FD
Fast Lane Truck StopUS 24/61  Exit Mo-6TaylorMOFD
Mr Fuel 717Pilot Oil Company Villa RidgeMO16:00FD
Flying J 674Town Pump Flying JI-70  Exit 188WarrentonMO15:00DR
Flying J 675Town Pump Flying J136 & Hwy 61 WaylandMO15:00FD
Snappy Mart 11Hwy 14 & 63 N West PlainsMOFD
LovesLovesI-55/Hwy 35 246BatesvilleMS16:00FD
Express ShopHwy 78 N  BeldenMSFD
LovesLovesI-10 Exit 44BiloxiMS15:00FL
Kasko Travel CenterI-55 42BrookhavenMSFD
LovesLovesI-55  Exit 119CantonMS14:00FD
Loves 564LovesHwy 50 & 12 ColumbusMS17:00
LovesLovesI-20 Exit 47FlowoodMS18:00FL
Midway TruckstopHwy 82 East GreenvilleMSFD
Flying J 676Town Pump Flying JI-10  Exit 31GulfportMS11:00PA
Loves 595LovesI-10 Exit 28GulfportMS14:00FD
LovesLovesHwy 82 IndianolaMS04:00FD
Pilot 077Pilot Oil CompanyI-20  Exit 45JacksonMS16:00FD
Petro 328Petro Stopping CentersI-20 Exit 45JacksonMS16:00FD
Loves 639LovesI-20 Exit 96LakeMS14:00FD
Loves 699LovesHwy 49 MageeMS16:00FD
LovesLovesI-55 13McCombMS16:00
Spaceway Travel PlzI-20 Exit 129MeridianMS17:00FD
Pilot 388Pilot Oil CompanyI - 20/59 Exit 151MeridianMS17:00FD
TA 047Travel Centers of AmericaI-20/59 Exit 160MeridianMS16:00FL
Cone OilI-10 Exit 69Moss PointMSFD
Pilot 586Pilot Oil CompanyI-10 69Moss PointMS17:00FD
Pilot 174Pilot Oil CompanyHwy 78 Exit 64New AlbanyMS11:00FD
Flying J 677Town Pump Flying JHWY 78 Bethel RdOlive BranchMS16:00FL
Flying J 678Town Pump Flying JI-20  Exit 47PearlMS17:00PA
Loves 619LovesI-59 Exit 29PoplarvilleMS15:00
PilotPilot Oil CompanyI-55 Exit 265SenatobiaMS13:00FD
Loves 343 LovesI-20 and I-59 Exit 165ToomsubaMS12:00FL
LovesLovesus hwy 78/McCullough Blvd 81TupeloMS13:00FD
Loves 677LovesUS Hwy 45A West PointMS15:00FD
Soco TruckstopHwy 45 N. ALT  West PointMSFD
Pilot 261Pilot Oil CompanyI-55 Exit 185WinonaMS12:00FD
Flying J 968Town Pump Flying JI 90 Exit 298BelgradeMT15:00FD
Town Pump TP923Town Pump Flying JI-90 Exit 455BillingsMT15:00DR
Flying J 924Town Pump Flying JI 15 Exit 122ButteMT
Flying JTown Pump Flying JI-15  Exit 280Great FallsMT
Flying J Travel PlazaI 90 Exit 495HardinMTFD
Loves 679LovesI-90 Exit 495HardinMT15:00FD
TA 261Travel Centers of AmericaI-90 Exit 437LaurelMT16:00DC
TA 256Travel Centers of AmericaI-90 Exit 96MissoulaMT16:00
CrossroadsI-90 Exit 96MissoulaMTPA
Muralt's TravelAmbestI-90  Exit 96MissoulaMT16:00FL
TA 221Travel Centers of AmericaI-40 Exit 37CandlerNC14:00FD
Pilot 6978Pilot Oil CompanyI-220 & HWY 211 CandorNC15:00FD
Charlotte Travel PlazaAmbestI-77  Exit 16bCharlotteNCFL
Pilot 275Pilot Oil CompanyI-85/77  Exit 39CharlotteNC16:00FD
Pilot 7971Pilot Oil CompanyI-40 Exit 133ConoverNC16:00FD
:Pilot #900/Sadlers Travel PlazaPilot Oil CompanyI-95 Exit 75DunnNC16:00DR
LovesLovesI-95 Exit 77DunnNC16:00FL
Pilot\Kangaroo - station 885Pilot Oil CompanyI 95 Exit 71DunnNC16:00FD
WILCOHESS 213Wilco Travel CentersI-40 Exit 312GarnerNCFD
Pilot 6955Pilot Oil CompanyI-85 Exit 150Haw RiverNC17:00FL
Flying J 682Town Pump Flying JI-40/85  Exit 150Haw RiverNC17:00PA
Pilot 056Pilot Oil CompanyI-85  Exit 63KannapolisNC15:00FD
Petro 395Petro Stopping CentersI-95 Exit 106KenlyNC12:00FL
Pilot 6990Pilot Oil CompanyI-95 Exit 106KenlyNC12:00FD
Big Boy's Truck StopI 95 Exit 105KenlyNC12:00FD
Flying J 683Town Pump Flying JI 95 Exit 106KenlyNC12:00FD
Kings Mtn Truck PlazaAmbestI-85 Exit 5Kings MountainNC16:00FD
Bills Truck StopI-85 Exit 86LinwoodNC11:00FD
LovesLovesI-40 Exit 86MarionNC15:00FD
Pilot 1063Pilot Oil Company MarionNC17:00
Marion Travel PlazaI 40 Exit 81MarionNCFD
Pilot 7937Pilot Oil CompanyI-85 Exit 132McLeansvilleNC16:00FD
Petro 329Petro Stopping CentersI-40 Exit 157MebaneNC14:00FD
Pilot 057Pilot Oil CompanyI 40/85  Exit 152MebaneNC16:00FD
TA 251Travel Centers of AmericaI-40 Exit 170MocksvilleNC12:00FD
Pilot 7996Pilot Oil CompanyHWY 74 MonroeNC17:00FD
BP 15Roady'sHwy 74 MonroeNCFD
BrintlesPTP STOPSI-77  Exit 100AMount AiryNCFD
Derrick's Travel Plaza - PTPPTP STOPSI-85 Exit 71SalisburyNCFD
Pilot 7983Pilot Oil CompanyI-85 Exit 71SalisburyNC16:00FD
Loves 507LovesI-85 Exit 71SalisburyNC17:00FD
Pilot 7976Pilot Oil CompanyI-77 Exit 42TroutmanNC14:00DR
Pilot 6996Pilot Oil CompanyI-40 Exit 364WarsawNC13:00FD
Pilot 393Pilot Oil CompanyI-40 & NC 209 Exit 24WAYNESVILLENC15:00FL
TA 002Travel Centers of AmericaI-85/40 Exit 138WhitsettNC17:00GR
Flying J 685Town Pump Flying JI-29 Exit 62FargoND16:00DR
Petro 361Petro Stopping CentersI-94 Exit 348FargoND16:00FL
LovesLovesI-29 62FargoND15:00FD
Pilot 489Pilot Oil CompanyI-29 Exit 138Grand ForksND15:00FD
Stamart-Grand Forks Travel CenterI 29 Exit 141Grand ForksNDFD
Pilot 550Pilot Oil CompanyHwy 2 & 52 Exit 52 WMinotND16:00FD
Schatz Crossroads Truckstop MinotND15:00FD
Pilot 589Pilot Oil Companyhwy2 & Hwy85 WillistonND11:00
Loves 474LovesHwy2 & 42nd St WillistonND16:00FD
TA 193Travel Centers of AmericaI-80 Exit 305AldaNERE
Loves 309 LovesI-80 & US Hwy 95 Exit 332AuroraNE12:00FL
Flying J 904Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 107Big SpringsNE12:00CS
Sapp BrothersSapp BrothersUS Highway 30 ColumbusNEFD
Pilot 901Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 257Elm CreekNE12:00DC
Sapp BrosSapp BrothersI-80 Exit 263Elm CreekNEDC
Sapp BrosSapp BrothersRTE 30  Exit 77 SoFremontNE15:00CS
BosselmansAmbestI-80 Exit 312Grand IslandNE16:00PA
Flying J 686Town Pump Flying JI-80  Exit 432GretnaNE10:00PA
Shoemakers Truckstop AMBESTAmbestI-80 Exit 395LincolnNE16:00CS
Cubby's Truck StopHWY 81  NorfolkNECS
Loves 680LovesHwy 81 NorfolkNE16:00FD
LovesLovesI-80 179North PlatteNE17:00FD
Flying J 687Town Pump Flying JI-80 Exit 179North PlatteNE14:00FD
TA 090Travel Centers of AmericaI-80 Exit 126OgallalaNE12:00CS
Sapp BrosSapp BrothersI-80  Exit 440OmahaNE11:00FL
Loves 625LovesI-80 Exit 59SidneyNE15:00FD
Loves 676LovesHwy 2 & Hwy 50 SyracuseNE12:00FL
Loves 631LovesHwy 275 ValleyNE17:00
Pilot 912Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 300Wood RiverNEFD
Petro 362Petro Stopping CentersI-80 Exit 353YorkNE11:00PA
Sapp BrothersSapp BrothersI 80 Exit 353YorkNE
Mr. Mike'sI-93  Exit 10BowNH15:00FD
TA 211Travel Centers of AmericaI-95 & US 33 Exit 3GreenlandNH17:00FD
Pilot 280Pilot Oil CompanyI-78 Exit 7BloomsburyNJ14:00PA
TA 048Travel Centers of AmericaI-78 Exit 7BloomsburyNJ14:00FL
Petro 314Petro Stopping CentersI-295 Exit 56BordentownNJ17:00CS
LovesLovesI 295 Exit 56BordentownNJ17:00DC
Pilot 253Pilot Oil CompanyI-295  Exit 2bCarneys PointNJ16:00FD
Flying J 688Town Pump Flying JI-295  Exit 2cCarneys PointNJ16:00GR
Sunoco Truck Stop CARNEYS POINTNJ17:00FD
All American Plaza of Carney's PointI 295 Exit 2CCarneys PointNJFD
TA 006Travel Centers of AmericaI-80 Exit 4aColumbiaNJ13:00FL
Pilot 190Pilot Oil CompanyI-78 Exit 12HamptonNJ16:00FD
Tullo TruckstopI-95  Exit 15 EKearnyNJ16:00FD
Citgo/Pilot Dealer 891I-80 Exit 27LedgewoodNJ17:00FD
Pilot 210Pilot Oil CompanyRoute 17 MahwahNJ16:00FD
Pilot 880Pilot Oil CompanyI-84 1MontagueNJ15:00FD
TA 218Travel Centers of AmericaI-295 Exit 18aPaulsboroNJ14:00CS
Flying J 689Town Pump Flying JI-40 Exit 153AlbuquerqueNM15:00CS
TA 081Travel Centers of AmericaI25/40, Exit 227AlbuquerqueNM15:00FD
LovesLovesI-40 Exit 158AlbuquerqueNM15:00FD
Loves 614LovesI-40 Exit 149AlbuquerqueNM17:00
LovesLovesHWY 60/84 ClovisNM14:00FD
Petro 385Petro Stopping Centers DEMINGNM
LovesLovesI-40  Exit 16GallupNM11:00FD
TA 008Travel Centers of AmericaI-40 Exit 16GallupNM11:00FD
PilotPilot Oil CompanyHwy 180 & 62 HobbsNM14:00
Pilot 305Pilot Oil CompanyI-40 39JamestownNM15:00FD
LovesLovesI-10 Exit 132Las CrucesNM12:00FD
Pilot 266Pilot Oil CompanyI-10 Exit 139Las CrucesNM16:00FL
TA 014Travel Centers of AmericaI-10 Exit 139Las CrucesNM15:00FD
Flying J 690Town Pump Flying JI-10 24LordsburgNM14:00FD
Loves 276LovesI-10 Exit 20LordsburgNM14:00FD
LovesLovesI-40 Exit 79MilanNM10:00FD
Petro 313Petro Stopping CentersI-40 Exit 79MilanNM11:00FD
TA 229Travel Centers of AmericaI-40 Exit 194MoriartyNM14:00FD
Pilot 475Pilot Oil CompanyHwy 41 and I-40 MoriartyNM14:00
Sky City TC & CasinoAmbestI-40 102Pueblo of AcomaNMFD
Chisum Travel CenterUS 70 RoswellNM16:00FD
TA 023Travel Centers of AmericaI-40 Exit 277Santa RosaNM
Flying J 691Town Pump Flying JI-40 333TucumcariNMFD
Loves 262LovesI-40 Exit 333TucumcariNM
Pilot 387Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 & NV 278 Exit 280CarlinNV15:00FD
Loves 691LovesHwy 6 & Hwy 93 ElyNV13:00FD
PilotPilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 48FernleyNV14:00
LovesLovesI-80 & US 95  Exit 46FernleyNV12:00FD
Pilot 340Pilot Oil CompanyI-80  Exit 46FernleyNV14:00PA
TA 108Travel Centers of AmericaI-15 Exit 33Las VegasNV15:00CS
Petro 331Petro Stopping CentersI-15 Exit 54Las VegasNV14:00DC
Wild West TruckstopI-15 Exit 37Las VegasNVFL
LovesLovesI-15 64Las VegasNV15:00FD
TA 181Travel Centers of AmericaI-80 Exit 151Mill CityNVFD
Mortons TravelI-15 Exit 46N Las VegasNV15:00CS
Pilot 341Pilot Oil CompanyI-15 Exit 48North Las VegasNV15:00DR
TA 172Travel Centers of AmericaI-80 Exit 19SPARKSNV13:00FD
Petro 338Petro Stopping CentersI-80 Exit 20SparksNV15:00FL
Petro 392Petro Stopping CentersI-80 352WellsNVFD
Pilot- Flying J - station 692Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 & Hwy 93 352WellsNVFD
Pilot 147Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 PeppermillWest WendoverNVFD
Pilot 485Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 173WinnemuccaNV14:00FD
Flying J 770Town Pump Flying JI-80 176WinnemuccaNV16:00FD
Plaza 23NY Freeway 87 23AlbanyNYFD
Pilot 322Pilot Oil CompanyI-86 Exit 37BathNY11:00FD
LovesLovesI-81 Exit 3BinghamtonNY16:00PA
TA 207Travel Centers of AmericaI-81 Exit 2BinghamtonNY15:00PL
Jim's Truck Plaza AMBESTAmbestI-90  Exit 52BuffaloNY16:00FD
Canaan Truck Stop AMBESTAmbestI-90  Exit 83CanaanNYFD
Loves 611LovesI-90 Exit 823CanaanNY16:00
Pilot 146Pilot Oil CompanyI-90 Exit 12CastletonNY16:00FD
Public America87 42ChamplainNYFD
Champlain Peterbilt IncI-87 43ChamplainNYFD
Flying J 693Town Pump Flying JI 90 Exit 48ACorfuNY16:00FD
TA 208Travel Centers of AmericaI-390 Exit 5DansvilleNY13:00FL
TA 209Travel Centers of AmericaI-90 Exit 28FultonvilleNY14:00PA
Fultonville Super Stop AMBESTAmbestI-90  Exit 28FultonvilleNYFD
Weston Truck StopRoute 86  Exit 37HenriettaNYFD
Sugar Creek 167RTE 17 Exit 37KanonaNYFD
Pilot 380Pilot Oil CompanyI-81/90 Exit 25LiverpoolNY15:00FL
TA 210Travel Centers of AmericaI-84 Exit 5MontgomeryNY17:00AB
Pilot 394Pilot Oil CompanyI-84 Exit 6NewburghNY17:00FD
Sun Up Auto & Truck PlazaI 81 Exit 34ParishNYFD
TA 194Travel Centers of AmericaI-90 Exit 48APembrokeNY15:00FL
Pilot 494Pilot Oil CompanyI-88 25ROTTERDAMNY12:00AB
Hudson Valley Truck Center WAPPINGERNY
Petro 371Petro Stopping CentersI 90 Exit 41WaterlooNY14:00FD
Nice n Easy Store 36I 81 Exit 48WatertownNYFD
Sugar Creek 590I-81 Exit 48WatertownNYFD
Wilton Travel PlzI-87 Exit 16WiltonNY13:00OC
Pilot 002Pilot Oil CompanyI-90 Exit 223AustinburgOH12:00FD
Flying J 694Town Pump Flying JI-90 Exit 223AustinburgOH12:00FD
Pilot 003Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 223AustintownOH16:00FD
Flying J 695Town Pump Flying JI 75 Exit 135BeaverdamOH15:00DC
Pilot 457Pilot Oil CompanyI-75  Exit 135BeaverdamOH15:00FD
Pilot 449Pilot Oil CompanyI-70 Exit 208BelmontOH16:00
Loves 594LovesHwy 35 BidwellOH15:00
LovesLovesI-71 Exit 204BurbankOH14:00FD
Pilot 287Pilot Oil CompanyI-71  Exit 204BurbankOH15:00DC
Pilot 309Pilot Oil CompanyI-77  Exit 25CaldwellOH12:00PA
Pilot 006Pilot Oil CompanyI-70  Exit 178CambridgeOH14:00PA
PilotPilot Oil CompanyI-77 Exit 101CantonOH18:00FD
PilotPilot Oil CompanyHwy 50 ChillicotheOH16:00
Loves 690LovesHwy 23 CirclevilleOH16:00FD
Pilot 008Pilot Oil Company25600 US 23 CirclevilleOH16:00FL
Pilot 213Pilot Oil CompanyI-70  Exit 94ColumbusOH16:00FL
LovesLovesI-90 & State Route 7 ConneautOH16:00FD
LovesLovesI-75 Exit 51DAYTONOH17:00
TA 011Travel Centers of AmericaI-70 Exit 10EatonOH17:00FL
Pilot 286Pilot Oil CompanyI-70  Exit 10EatonOH17:00FL
Pilot 360Pilot Oil CompanyI-75 Exit 164FINDLAYOH16:00FD
Pilot 009Pilot Oil CompanyI-75 Exit 36FranklinOH17:00FL
Petro 320Petro Stopping CentersI-80 Exit 226GirardOH16:00FD
Pilot 281Pilot Oil CompanyI-80  Exit 226GirardOH17:00FD
Mr Fuel 732Pilot Oil Company GirardOH17:00FD
Pilot 285Pilot Oil CompanyI-70  Exit 126HebronOH16:00FL
TA 039Travel Centers of AmericaI-70 Exit 126HebronOH16:00FL
TruckworldRoady'sI-80  Exit 234HubbardOH16:00FD
LovesLovesI-80 234HubbardOH16:00FD
Flying J 697Town Pump Flying JI 80 Exit 234BHubbardOH16:00FD
A & A Truck Plaza PTPPTP STOPSRTE 35 & 41 S. JacksonOHFD
TA 139Travel Centers of AmericaI-71 Exit 65JeffersonvilleOH16:00FL
Loves 352Loves I-71 Exit 65JeffersonvilleOH16:00FD
Flying J 698Town Pump Flying JI-71 Exit 69JeffersonvilleOH16:00DC
TA 029Travel Centers of AmericaI-90 Exit 235KingsvilleOH12:00FL
Short Stop - PTPPTP STOPSI-80  Exit 14LeavittsburgOHFD
Flying J 552Town Pump Flying JI-71 Rte 350LebanonOH15:00
TA 024Travel Centers of AmericaI-70 Exit 79LondonOH12:00FL
Pilot 454Pilot Oil CompanyI-70  Exit 79LondonOH12:00FL
Pilot 455Pilot Oil CompanyI-71  Exit 140MarengoOH10:00DR
Motor Inn Truck StopUS 33 & US 127 Junction MendonOHFD
Flying J 699Town Pump Flying JI-70  Exit 122MillersportOH12:00DR
Stony Ridge Inn & A/T Plaza - AMBESTI-75 Exit 29MonroeOHFD
TA 096Travel Centers of AmericaRTE 6/24 IndustrialNapoleonOH15:00RE
Petro 388Petro Stopping CentersRTE 6/24 IndustrialNapoleonOH15:00FD
Pilot 303Pilot Oil CompanyRoute 24 NAPOLEONOH15:00FD
Petro 357Petro Stopping CentersI-70 Exit 156BNew ParisOH14:00FD
Petro 325Petro Stopping CentersI-75 Exit 167North BaltimoreOH17:00FD
Loves 356LovesI-75 Exit 167North BaltimoreOH17:00FD
TA 095Travel Centers of AmericaI-77 Exit 111North CantonOH17:00FD
Pilot 011Pilot Oil CompanyI-76 Exit 16North LimaOH15:00FD
Loves 456LovesI-280 1bPerrysburgOH14:00FD
Petro 317Petro Stopping CentersTP-Exit 5; I-80 Exit 1 PerrysburgOH18:00FL
TA 087Travel Centers of AmericaI-280/90 Exit 71PerrysburgOH17:00FL
Pilot 012Pilot Oil CompanyI-80/90  Exit 5PerrysburgOH18:00FD
Flying J 700Town Pump Flying JI-280  Exit 1BPerrysburgOH18:00DC
Pilot 130Pilot Oil CompanyI-77  Exit 145RichfieldOH17:00DC
Pilot 013Pilot Oil CompanyI-71/76  Exit 209SevilleOH14:00DC
TA 015Travel Centers of AmericaI-71/76 Exit 209SevilleOH14:00GR
Loves 605LovesI-70 Exit 59SPRINGFIELDOH17:00FD
Pilot 014Pilot Oil CompanyI-71 Exit 131SunburyOH14:00FL
Flying J 696Town Pump Flying JI-71  Exit 131SunburyOH14:00FD
Pilot 015Pilot Oil CompanyI-75  Exit 210ToledoOH16:00PA
Pilot 239Pilot Oil CompanyHwy 23 & 30 Upper SanduskyOH12:00FD
Loves 693LovesUs Hwy 30 UPPER SANDUSKYOH16:00FD
Flying J 097Town Pump Flying JI-75 Exit 64VandaliaOH16:00
TA 082Travel Centers of AmericaI-75 Exit 111WapakonetaOH14:00FL
Pilot 016Pilot Oil CompanyI-71 Exit 50WilmingtonOH16:00FL
TA 058Travel Centers of AmericaI-80 Exit 223YoungstownOH17:00FD
LovesLovesI-70 160ZanesvilleOH16:00FL
Flying J 701Town Pump Flying JI-35 Exit 33ArdmoreOK15:00FD
LovesLovesI-35  Exit 32ArdmoreOK15:00FD
LovesLovesHWY 69  AtokaOK10:00FD
Pilot 498Pilot Oil Company ATOKAOK12:00
Big Cabin TruckstopAmbestI-44  Exit 283Big CabinOKPA
Loves 302LovesHwy 287 & 75 Exit 56Boise CityOKFL
Choctaw Travel Plaza Broken BowUS Hwy 259 Broken BowOKFD
Choctaw Travel Plaza #2US Hwy 69/75 Exit ChoctCaleraOKFD
Flying J 702Town Pump Flying JUS Hwy 69 Exit Hwy 2ChecotahOK14:00FD
Pilot #556Pilot Oil CompanyI-40 166ChoctawOKFD
LovesLovesI-40 166ChoctawOKFD
Loves 486LovesI-40 Exit 166ChoctawOK13:00
LovesLovesHWY 42 & 69  ChouteauOK12:00OE
LovesLovesI-40 71ClintonOKFD
Flying J 704Town Pump Flying JI-35  Exit N.E. EdmondOK18:00PA
Loves 201LovesI-40 Exit 41Elk CityOK14:00FD
Loves 630LovesHwy 412 EnidOK17:00FD
LovesLovesI-40 exit 7ErickOK15:00FD
LovesLovesHWY 69  EufaulaOK12:00FD
Choctaw Travel Plaza-HugoUS Hwy 271 GrantOKFD
Loves 604LovesI-35 Exit 157GuthrieOK16:00
LovesLovesI-35/Hwy 33 GuthrieOKFD
Wes-T-Go Travel CenterAmbest54 GuymonOKFD
LovesLovesI-40/Hwy 281 101HintonOK16:00FD
LovesLovesHwy 54 HookerOK12:00FD
LovesLovesI-49 & SH 49, Exit 45 LawtonOK16:00FD
Pilot 259Pilot Oil CompanyU.S 69 Exit 26MuskogeeOK14:00FD
Quik Trip 72 MuskogeeOK
LovesLovesI-35/Hwy 9w 106NormanOKFD
Loves 636Loves NowataOK04:00FD
LovesLovesI-44/Hwy 113 Oklahoma CityOKFD
Petro 316Petro Stopping CentersI-40 Exit 127Oklahoma CityOK17:00FL
LovesLovesI-35  Exit 120Oklahoma CityOK17:00FD
LovesLovesI-40 Exit 140Oklahoma CityOK18:00FL
Flying J 703Town Pump Flying JI-40  Exit 140Oklahoma CityOK17:00PA
TA 059Travel Centers of AmericaI-40 Exit 140Oklahoma CityOK18:00FL
TA 036Travel Centers of AmericaI-40 Exit 142Oklahoma CityOK17:00FL
LovesLovesI-35  Exit 137Oklahoma CityOK15:00FD
Pilot 460Pilot Oil CompanyI-40  Exit 140Oklahoma CityOK17:00FL
Loves 675LovesHwy 75 E Box AveOkmulgeeOK16:00FD
Loves 202LovesI-35 & Hwy 19 Exit 72Pauls ValleyOKFL
Loves 452LovesI-35 70PAULS VALLEYOK14:00FD
Choctaw Travel Plaza PoteauUS Hwy 59 PoteauOKFD
Pilot 196Pilot Oil CompanyI-40  Exit 325RolandOK12:00PA
Ed's Truck StopI 40 Exit 311SallisawOKFD
Sallisaw Travel CenterI-40 Exit 308SallisawOKFD
Flying J 705Town Pump Flying JI-40 & US 283 SayreOK12:00FD
TA 152Travel Centers of AmericaI-40 Exit 26SayreOK11:00FD
LovesLovesI-40 Exit 200SeminoleOK12:00FD
Choctaw Travel PlazaHwy OK-43 Exit 38StringtownOKFD
Pilot 1004Pilot Oil CompanyI-35 Exit 214TonkawaOK15:00
LovesLovesI-35  Exit 211TonkawaOK10:00FL
Flying J 706Town Pump Flying JI-44 Exit 236TulsaOK17:00DC
AVP ENERGY formally SINCLAIR TSI-44 Exit 238TulsaOKFD
Loves 648LovesHwy 70 Wilson AveValliantOK16:00
Loves 658LovesHwy 412 WATTSOK14:00FD
Loves 255LovesI-40 Hwy 100 WEBBERS FALLSOK14:00FD
LovesLovesI-40  Exit 287Webbers FallsOKFD
Hutch's C Store 113 AMBESTAmbestI-412, 183 or 15 at Hwy. 270 WoodwardOKFD
Flying J 862Town Pump Flying J AyrON13:00FD
London HuskyHusky Truck StopsHwy 401 & Hwy 74 Exit 195BelmontON10:00FD
Bloomfield Travel Plaza ChathamON14:00FD
EssoEsso Truck Stops ComberON15:00FD
Pilot\Flying J 860Pilot Oil Company Ft. ErieON16:00
Petro-CanadaWindermere Road HamiltonON16:00FD
Kingston Husky Travel CentreHusky Truck StopsHwy 401 & Joyceville Road Exit 632KingstonON14:00FD
Flying J 789Town Pump Flying JHWY 401 & Highbury Ave. Exit Exit LondonON15:00FD
Husky Car/Truck Stop 1Husky Truck StopsHWY 410 Exit 346MississaugaON16:00FD
Flying J 807Pilot Oil Company MississaugaON16:00FD
Flying J 790Town Pump Flying J401 & County Road 41 Exit 579NapaneeON10:00FD
Husky SkyHusky Truck StopsExit 38 QEW Niagara-on-the-LakeON16:00FD
Pilot 461Pilot Oil Company TilburyON13:00FD
Windsor HuskyHusky Truck StopsHWY 401 Exit 14WindsorON15:00FD
TA 601Travel Centers of AmericaHWY 401 Exit 230WoodstockON15:00FD
Flying J 584Town Pump Flying JI-5 Exit 278AURORAOR15:00
TA 056Travel Centers of AmericaI-5 Exit 278AuroraOR14:00FL
Loves 650LovesI-84 Exit 159BoardmanOR15:00FD
Pilot 386Pilot Oil CompanyI-5 Exit 263BrooksOR14:00PA
Seven Feathers Truck & Travel CtrI 5 Exit 99CanyonvilleORFD
Pilot 391Pilot Oil CompanyI-5  Exit 33Central PointOR14:00PA
TA 078Travel Centers of AmericaI-5 Exit 199CoburgOR13:00DR
Space Age Travel Center Roady'sI-84 Exit 182HermistonOR16:00FD
Pilot 504Pilot Oil CompanyI-97 KLAMATH FALLSOR12:00FD
Flying JTown Pump Flying JI-84 203La GrandeOR16:00FD
Pilot 233Pilot Oil CompanyI-5  Exit148OaklandORPA
Pilot 232Pilot Oil CompanyI-84  Exit 376BOntarioOR13:00FD
LovesLovesI-84 374OntarioOR15:00FD
Petro 324Petro Stopping CentersI-5 Exit 24PhoenixORCS
Jubitz Travel CenterAmbestI-5  Exit 307 EPortlandOR15:00FL
LovesLovesI-5 Exit 119RoseburgOR14:00FD
Pilot 390Pilot Oil CompanyI-84  Exit 188StanfieldOR12:00PA
TA 183Travel Centers of AmericaI-84 Exit 17TroutdaleOR14:00FL
LovesLovesI-84 Exit 17TroutdaleOR14:00DR
Pilot 195Pilot Oil CompanyI-84 & US 97 WascoOR15:00FD
Crossroads Travel CenterI-80 Exit 302bBartonsvillePAFD
Pilot 348Pilot Oil CompanyI-70  Exit 12bBentleyvillePA13:00PA
TA 212Travel Centers of AmericaI-80 Exit 232BloomsburgPA15:00RE
TA 075Travel Centers of AmericaI-70/76 Exit 161BreezewoodPA12:00FD
All American - station 516Pilot Oil CompanyI-70 & PA Turnpike Exit 162BreezewoodPA12:00FD
TA 003Travel Centers of AmericaI-80 Exit 78BrookvillePA12:00FD
Flying J 707Town Pump Flying JI-80 Exit 78BrookvillePA12:00CS
LovesLovesI-81 Exit 17CarlislePA13:00FL
Flying J 708Town Pump Flying JI-81/76  Exit 17eCarlislePA13:00FL
Gables Of CarlisleI-81  Exit 52A-BCarlislePAFD
Petro 336Petro Stopping CentersI-81 Exit 52CarlislePA12:00FL
Five RiversPetro Stopping CentersI-70 Exit 6ClaysvillePAFD
Sapp BrosSapp BrothersI-80  Exit 120ClearfieldPAFD
Pilot 298Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 256DrumsPA14:00GR
Pilot 336Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 97Du BoisPA14:00FD
Pilot 517Pilot Oil CompanyHWY 22 & 322 DuncannonPA12:00FD
Petro 378Petro Stopping CentersI-81 Exit 178BDupontPA16:00FD
222 Travel PlzI-76  Exit 21EphrataPAFD
TA 215Travel Centers of AmericaI-90 Exit 35EriePA17:00CS
Pilot 311Pilot Oil CompanyI-90  Exit 7EriePA17:00PA
Gouldsboro Travel PlazaAmbestI-380 13GOULDSBOROPA14:00FD
TA 213Travel Centers of AmericaI-81 Exit 5GreencastlePA16:00CS
LovesLovesI-78 Exit 23HamburgPA13:00FD
Gables Of HarrisburgI-81  Exit 77HarrisburgPAFD
Pilot 4563Pilot Oil CompanyI-81/78 Exit 77HarrisburgPA11:00PA
Pilot 245Pilot Oil CompanyI-81  Exit 27HarrisburgPA11:00PA
TA 012Travel Centers of AmericaI-81/78 Exit 77HarrisburgPA10:00FL
TA 067Travel Centers of AmericaI-80 Exit 29HarrisvillePA15:00FD
LovesLovesI-81 90JonestownPA13:00FD
TA 068Travel Centers of AmericaI-80 Exit 173LamarPA12:00FD
Loves 535LovesHwy 283 MiddletownPA18:00
LovesLovesI-80 242MifflinvillePA12:00FD
TA 214Travel Centers of AmericaI 80 Exit 158MilesburgPA12:00CS
Flying J 709Town Pump Flying JI-80 Exit 173Mill HallPA12:00FD
Pilot 001Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 173Mill HallPA12:00FD
Flying J #555Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 215MiltonPA16:00FD
Pilot 518Pilot Oil CompanyI-78 Exit 10MyerstownPA15:00FD
Flying J 710Town Pump Flying JI 81 Exit 219New MilfordPA12:00FD
North East Truck PlazaI-90 Exit 45North EastPAFL
Raceway Truck StopAmbestI 81 Exit 104Pine GrovePA11:00FD
Pine Grove Travel Plaza - station 522Pilot Oil CompanyI 81 Exit 100Pine GrovePA12:00FD
Pilot 370Pilot Oil CompanyI-81 Exit 175PittstonPA18:00PA
Pilot 081Pilot Oil CompanyI-79  exit 99PortersvillePA16:00FD
Lancaster PlazaAmbestHwy 30 RonksPAFD
Flying J 620Town Pump Flying JI-70  Exit 49SmithtonPA12:00CS
Gulf ExpressI-295 4JohnstonRIFD
TA 253Travel Centers of AmericaI-95 Exit 5BWest GreenwichRI17:00FD
Rhode Island's Truck Stop - PTPPTP STOPSI-95  Exit 5bWest GreenwichRICS
Kent's KornerRoady'sI-20 Exit 33BatesburgSCFD
Pilot 4581Pilot Oil CompanyI-20 Exit 116BishopvilleSC12:00FD
Pilot 4566Pilot Oil CompanyI-85 Exit 106BlacksburgSC13:00FD
Flying J 711Town Pump Flying JI-85 Exit 102BlacksburgSC16:00FD
LovesLovesI-85 104BlacksburgSC12:00FD
Pilot 060Pilot Oil CompanyI-26 Exit 159BowmanSC16:00FD
Pilot\Kangaroo - station 884Pilot Oil CompanyI 26 Exit 5CampobelloSC12:00FD
Pilot 061Pilot Oil CompanyI-26 Exit 52ClintonSC16:00FD
Flying J 712Town Pump Flying JI-20  Exit 70ColumbiaSC17:00DR
TA 262Travel Centers of AmericaI-20 Exit 71ColumbiaSC17:00FD
Loves 657LovesI-77 Exit 5COLUMBIASC14:00FD
Petro 238Petro Stopping Centers COLUMBIASC15:00FD
Mr. Waffle TruckstopI-85  Exit 83CowpensSCFD
Loves Travel PlazaLovesI-95/SC Hwy 34 190DillonSC15:00FD
TA 025Travel Centers of AmericaI-85 Exit 63DuncanSC17:00PA
Pilot 310Pilot Oil CompanyI-85  Exit 63DUNCANSC17:00CS
LovesLovesI-85 4Fair PlaySC15:00FD
Pilot 062Pilot Oil CompanyI-95 Exit 170FlorenceSC16:00FD
Pilot 337Pilot Oil CompanyI-95 Exit 164FlorenceSC16:00FD
Petro 393Petro Stopping CentersI-95 Exit 169FlorenceSC16:00FL
TA 195Travel Centers of AmericaI-95 Exit 164FlorenceSC16:00FD
LovesLovesI 77 Exit 83Fort MillSC17:00FD
Pilot 453Pilot Oil CompanyI-85  Exit 90GaffneySC15:00FD
Pilot 4568Pilot Oil CompanyI-20 Exit 11GRANITEVILLESC17:00FD
Kent's KornerRoady'sI-20  Exit 11GranitevilleSCFD
Pilot 4569Pilot Oil CompanyI-95 Exit 5HardeevilleSC16:00FD
Pilot 4584Pilot Oil CompanyI-95 Exit 181LattaSC14:00FD
Flying J 713Town Pump Flying JI-95 Exit 181LattaSC18:00PA
Loves 424LovesI-20 Exit 51LexingtonSC16:00FD
Pilot 346Pilot Oil CompanyI-20  Exit 92LugoffSC15:00FL
TA 179Travel Centers of AmericaI-95 Exit 119ManningSC14:00CS
LovesLovesI-26 Exit 76NewberrySC17:00FD
Pilot 1082Pilot Oil Company NORTH CHARLESTONSC17:00FD
Henrys Travel PlazaRoady'sUS 301 Cannon BriOrangeburgSCFD
LovesLovesI-26 Exit 154OrangeburgSC16:00FD
Pilot 063Pilot Oil CompanyI-85  Exit 35PiedmontSC16:00FD
Pilot 4580Pilot Oil CompanyI 26 Exit 82ProsperitySC12:00FD
Pilot 4567Pilot Oil CompanyI-77 Exit 77Rock HillSC16:00FD
Flying J 714Town Pump Flying JI-77 Exit 73Rock HillSC17:00FD
Pilot 4576Pilot Oil CompanyI-95 Exit 82SAINT GEORGESC12:00FD
Pilot 4579Pilot Oil CompanyI-26 Exit 139SAINT MATTHEWSSC13:00FD
Flying J 493Town Pump Flying JI-95 77St GeorgeSC14:00FD
Pilot 064Pilot Oil CompanyI-26  Exit 199SummervilleSC16:00FD
Pilot 338Pilot Oil CompanyI-26 Exit 115West ColumbiaSC17:00FD
Grand Central Truck StopRoady'sI-77  Exit 48WinnsboroSCFD
Pilot 4578Pilot Oil CompanyI-77 Exit 48WinnsboroSC14:00FD
Loves 602LovesI-90 Exit 67BBox ElderSD14:00
Pilot 919Pilot Oil CompanyI-90  Exit 332MitchellSDFD
Pilot 918Pilot Oil CompanyI-90 Exit 55Rapid CitySD16:00FD
LovesLovesI-90 Exit 399Sioux FallsSD15:00DC
Flying J 716Town Pump Flying JI-29 Exit 83Sioux FallsSD17:00CS
Stone's Truck StopI-29 Exit 177WatertownSD16:00FD
TA 117Travel Centers of AmericaI-24 Exit 62AntiochTN17:00FL
LovesLovesI-40 Exit 280BaxterTN11:00DR
Quik FuelI-81  Exit 23Bulls GapTNFD
LovesLovesI-a75 exit 33CharlestonTN16:00FD
Loves 214LovesI-24 Exit 89ChristianaTN16:00FD
Loves 346LovesI-65 Exit 46ColumbiaTN15:00FD
MidTen Travel PlazaI-40 Exit 288CookevilleTNOC
Pilot 265Pilot Oil CompanyI-40 Exit 287CookevilleTN14:00FL
Pilot 406Pilot Oil CompanyI 65 Exit 22CornersvilleTN14:00FD
Pilot 114Pilot Oil CompanyI-40 320CrossvilleTN11:00FD
Pilot 226Pilot Oil CompanyI-40  Exit 417DandridgeTN14:00PA
LovesLovesI-40  Exit 412DandridgeTN14:00FL
TA 245Travel Centers of AmericaI-40 Exit 68DenmarkTNFD
Pilot 409Pilot Oil CompanyI-40  Exit 172DicksonTN15:00FD
Loves 369LovesI-40/Hwy 48 163DicksonTN16:00
Loves 641LovesI-55 Exit 78DyersburgTN15:00FD
Flying J 720Town Pump Flying JI-40 Exit 182FairviewTN12:00FD
TA 157Travel Centers of AmericaI-65 Exit 61FranklinTN15:00FD
Pilot 4597Pilot Oil CompanyI-40 258GordonsvilleTN14:00FD
Pilot 051Pilot Oil CompanyI - 81 Exit 36GREENEVILLETN15:00FD
TA 201Travel Centers of AmericaI-81 Exit 36GreenevilleTN13:00FD
Pilot 403Pilot Oil CompanyI - 75 Exit 117HEISKELLTN14:00FD
Pilot 053Pilot Oil CompanyI-40 Exit 143Hurricane MillsTN11:00FD
LovesLovesI-40  Exit 87JacksonTN16:00FD
Pilot 366Pilot Oil CompanyI-40 & Christmasville Rd 85JacksonTN17:00FD
Loves 490LovesI-24 Exit 158JasperTN17:00
Petro 349Petro Stopping CentersI-40 Exit 188Kingston SpringsTN11:00FD
Pilot 270Pilot Oil CompanyI-40/75 Exit 374KNOXVILLETNFL
TA 107Travel Centers of AmericaI-40/75 Exit 369KnoxvilleTNFL
Flying J 722Town Pump Flying JI-40/75  Exit 369KnoxvilleTN16:00PA
Petro 312Petro Stopping CentersI-40/75 Exit 369KnoxvilleTN17:00FD
TA 013Travel Centers of AmericaI-40/75 Exit 374KnoxvilleTN17:00FD
Pilot 219Pilot Oil CompanyI-40 Exit 398KNOXVILLETN17:00FD
Pilot 052Pilot Oil CompanyI 24  Exit 64LA VERGNETN16:00FL
Pilot 411Pilot Oil CompanyI-40  Exit 238LebanonTN15:00FD
Loves 480LovesI-40 364Lenoir CityTN14:00FD
Pilot 481Pilot Oil CompanyI-75 Exit 20MC DONALDTN14:00FD
LovesLovesI-240 Exit 21MemphisTN16:00FD
Pilot 363Pilot Oil CompanyUS 78 @ PleasantMemphisTN17:00FD
Pilot 405Pilot Oil CompanyI-240 Hwy 78 SMemphisTN17:00FL
Pilot 4599Pilot Oil CompanyI- 24 Exit 135MonteagleTN15:00FD
Pilot 404Pilot Oil CompanyI-24 81 se QuadMurfreesboroTN14:00FD
W.T.'s TruckstopI-24  Exit 81MurfreesboroTN
TA 034Travel Centers of AmericaI-24 Exit 48NashvilleTN16:00FD
LovesLovesI-65 & I-24 Exit 87 ANashvilleTN16:00PA
Pilot 413Pilot Oil CompanyHwy 155 Exit 26NashvilleTN15:00FD
Time Out Travel CenterPTP STOPSI-40 Exit 432 BNewportTN12:00FD
Pilot 4598Pilot Oil CompanyHwy 309 NiotaTN17:00FD
TA 255Travel Centers of America PioneerTN17:00FD
Pilot 224Pilot Oil CompanyI-75  Exit 141PioneerTN12:00FD
Pilot 149Pilot Oil CompanyI-40 Exit 42StantonTN15:00FD
Loves 629LovesI-65 Exit 108White HouseTN17:00FD
Pilot 4596Pilot Oil CompanyI-81 Exit 4White PineTN13:00FD
Pilot 412Pilot Oil CompanyI-81 Exit 4White PineTN13:00FD
Petro 307Petro Stopping CentersI-40 Exit 75AmarilloTX15:00OE
TA 055Travel Centers of AmericaI-40 Exit 74AmarilloTX17:00FD
Flying J 723Town Pump Flying JI-40 E Exit 76AmarilloTX16:00RE
LovesLovesI-27 116AmarilloTXFD
Pilot 436Pilot Oil CompanyI-40 Exit 75AmarilloTX16:00FD
LovesLovesI-40 Exit 74AmarilloTX17:00FD
LovesLovesI-40 West  Exit 60AmarilloTXFD
LovesLovesHwy 385 AndrewsTX15:00
Loves 665LovesFM 523 @ SH 288 Exit FM 52AngletonTX17:00FD
Flying J 477Pilot Oil CompanyHwy 75 48ANNATX14:00FD
LovesLovesHWY 75  Exit 48AnnaTX14:00FD
Drivers Travel MartAmbestHWY 75 Exit 48AnnaTXPA
Flying J 724Town Pump Flying JI-10  Exit 0AnthonyTX16:00DC
LovesLovesI-10 0ANTHONYTX16:00FD
Pilot 435Pilot Oil CompanyI-10 Exit 0AnthonyTX17:00FD
Loves 610LovesI-20 Exit 307BairdTX17:00FD
Flying J 725Town Pump Flying JI-10 Exit 789BaytownTX17:00FD
LovesLovesI-10 Exit 789BaytownTXGR
TA 017Travel Centers of AmericaI-10 Exit 789BaytownTX17:00FD
Pilot 472Pilot Oil Company BeasleyTX17:00FD
Petro 304Petro Stopping CentersI-10 Exit 848BeaumontTX14:00FD
TA 230Travel Centers of AmericaI-20 & Hwy 87 Exit 177Big SpringTX14:00PA
Pilot 559Pilot Oil CompanyI-20 Exit 178Big SpringTX16:00
Flying J 740Town Pump Flying JI-10 Exit 732BrookshireTX15:00FD
Pilot 1028Pilot Oil Company BuffaloTX16:00FD
Pilot 367Pilot Oil CompanyI - 30 Exit 88Caddo MillsTX12:00FD
Petro 350Petro Stopping CentersI-10 Exit 2CanutilloTXFD
Pilot 1026Pilot Oil CompanyHwy 83 Carrizo SpringsTX15:00FD
Flying J 1025Town Pump Flying J ChannelviewTX17:00
Pilot 1003Pilot Oil CompanyHwy 287 & 83 ChildressTX15:00
LovesLovesHwy 59 ClevelandTX12:00FD
LovesLovesI-10 253COMFORTTX16:00FD
San Antonio Travel CenterI-10 Exit 585ConverseTXFD
Flying J 488Town Pump Flying JI-35 Exit 69CotullaTX16:00FD
LovesLovesI-20  Exit 466DallasTX14:00FD
Pilot 433Pilot Oil CompanyI-20  Exit 470DallasTX15:00FD
TA 150Travel Centers of AmericaI-20 & I-635 Exit 472DallasTX16:00FD
Flying J 726Town Pump Flying JI-20 Exit 472DallasTX16:00FL
Loves 481LovesHwy 225 Deer ParkTX17:00FD
Loves 217LovesI -35 & SR 156 Exit 473DentonTX17:00FD
TA 104Travel Centers of AmericaI-35 Exit 471DentonTX14:00FD
Loves 626LovesHwy 287 DumasTX16:00FD
TA 235Travel Centers of AmericaUS RTE 281/5 MILES N. OF CITY EdinburgTX16:00FD
LovesLovesHwy 281 Exit FM-19EdinburgTX16:00FD
Flying J 727Town Pump Flying JHwy 281/FM 1925 EdinburgTX16:00FD
Loves 297 LovesUS Hwy 59 & Milby Road EdnaTX12:00FL
LovesLovesI-10  Exit 37El PasoTX16:00FL
Petro 301Petro Stopping CentersI-10 Exit 37El PasoTX16:00FL
Flying J 728Town Pump Flying JI-10 Exit 37El PasoTX16:00FD
LovesLovesI-35/Hwy 44 39EncinalTX16:00FD
Loves 288LovesI-45 & Hwy 27 Exit 198FairfieldTX12:00FL
Driver's Truck StopI 35 Exit 54AFort WorthTXFD
LovesLovesI-10 261FT STOCKTONTX16:00
Pilot 434Pilot Oil CompanyI-35  Exit 65Ft WorthTX14:00FD
LovesLovesI-35  Exit 40Ft WorthTX16:00FD
TA 231Travel Centers of AmericaHwy 59 Exit 522EGanadoTX12:00FD
Flying J 554Town Pump Flying JI-37 Exit 56George WestTX16:00FD
Loves 375LovesHwy 6\FM 485 HearneTX16:00
Hempstead Truck StopUS 290 Exit FM-14HempsteadTXFD
Loves 642LovesHwy 60 & Hwy 385 HerefordTX13:00FD
LovesLovesI-35  Exit 368AHillsboroTX12:00GR
Petro 340Petro Stopping CentersI- 35 Exit 374HillsboroTX17:00FD
TA 333Travel Centers of AmericaI-35 Exit 370HillsboroTX14:00
Pilot 375Pilot Oil CompanyI-610 24AHoustonTX17:00FD
LovesLovesI-45 Exit 50HoustonTX16:00FD
LovesLovesI-610 Exit 24AHoustonTX17:00FD
Trucker's ParadiseI-610 Exit 25HoustonTX16:00FL
Flying J 729Town Pump Flying JI-45  Exit 64HoustonTX18:00FD
Sheldon Travel Center HoustonTXFD
Loves 617Loves HungerfordTX16:00DC
Pilot 234Pilot Oil CompanyI 45 Exit 118HUNTSVILLETX15:00FD
Hitchin' Post Truck Terminal AMBESTAmbestI-45 Exit 118HuntsvilleTXFD
Loves 331LovesI-45 & Fulghum Rd. Exit 272HutchinsTX13:00FL
Big D Travel Center - PTPPTP STOPSLOOP 12  Exit UnionIrvingTX15:00CS
Loves 628LovesI-35 Exit 386ItalyTX17:00
Fonterra Travel Plaza-PilotPilot Oil CompanyI-35 Exit 275JarrellTX14:00
Pilot 1006Pilot Oil CompanyI-10 Exit 456JUNCTIONTX15:00
LovesLovesI 10 & Hwy 90 Exit 737KatyTX16:00FD
LovesLovesHighway 77 Bypass Exit CorraKingsvilleTX16:00FD
LionKing Travel PlazaRoady'sI-146 Barbours CLa PorteTXFD
La Porte Travel PlazaRoady's225 Miller CutLa PorteTXFD
La Porte Travel CtrHWY 146 Barbours CLa PorteTXFD
TA 153Travel Centers of AmericaI-35 & Beltway Pkwy LaredoTX17:00FD
Flying J 730Town Pump Flying JI-35 Exit 13LaredoTX17:00FD
Pilot 377Pilot Oil CompanyI-35  Exit 13LaredoTX17:00FL
Texas Best Smokehouse 5 LongviewTX17:00FD
Flying J 733Town Pump Flying JI-27 Exit 4th SLubbockTX17:00FD
Loves 589LovesI-27 Exit 8 at LubbockTX16:00
Chisum Travel CenterE Hwy 84 at Loop 28LubbockTX15:00FD
Rip Griffins AMBESTAmbestHwy 87  LubbockTX17:00PA
Pilot 1023Pilot Oil Company LufkinTX17:00DC
LovesLovesHwy 287/59  LufkinTX16:00FD
Loves 264LovesI -10 & US 83 Exit 632LulingTX10:00FD
Flying J 1033Pilot Oil Company MidlandTX17:00FD
Pilot 257Pilot Oil CompanyI - 20 Exit 126MidlandTX17:00FD
Loves 623Loves MidlandTX16:00FD
LovesLovesHwy 67 & Hwy 287  MidlothianTX15:00FD
LovesLovesI-30 Exit 147Mount VernonTX11:00FD
Cefco Convenience Stores #1050 MT VERNONTX16:00FD
Pilot 1054Pilot Oil Company Mustang RidgeTX17:00DC
Loves 471LovesI-35 127NataliaTX15:00FD
TA 232Travel Centers of AmericaI-35 Exit 193New BraunfelsTX16:00FD
Pilot 330Pilot Oil CompanyI-35 184NEW BRAUNFELSTX17:00FD
Flying J 734Town Pump Flying JI 59 Exit 242New CaneyTX14:00FD
Flying J 580Town Pump Flying JI-20 121ODESSATX16:00
Loves 339LovesCR West (FM1882) & I-20 S Ftg Rd Exit 115OdessaTX16:00FL
Pilot 431Pilot Oil CompanyI-10  Exit 873OrangeTX16:00FD
Flying J 735Town Pump Flying JI-10  Exit 873OrangeTX16:00FD
LovesLovesI-40/Hwy 201 96PanhandleTXFD
Loves 678Loves ParisTX15:00FD
Flying J 1057Pilot Oil Company PasadenaTX17:00FD
Petro Pearsall 394Petro Stopping CentersI-35 Exit 101PearsallTX15:00FD
LovesLovesI-20 Exit 42PecosTX12:00
Flying J 736Town Pump Flying JI-20 Exit 42PecosTX12:00PA
Loves 662LovesI-287 Exit AirpoQuanahTX16:00FD
Loves 673LovesHwy 59 Route 3129Queen CityTX17:00FD
Loves 270LovesI-20/ Hwy 80 349RangerTX14:00FD
Loves 380Loveshwy 287/hwy 114 RhomeTX15:00
Pilot 432Pilot Oil CompanyI-35  Exit 328RobinsonTX16:00FL
Roadrunner Trvl Ctr - PTPPTP STOPSHwy 77 S. & FM 892  RobstownTXFD
LovesLovesI-30 Exit 70RockwallTX10:00FD
TA 049Travel Centers of AmericaI-30 EXIT 68RockwallTX12:00FD
Sunmart 106I-30 Exit 77BRoyse CityTXFD
Pilot 306Pilot Oil CompanyI-10  Exit 582San AntonioTX18:00PA
Petro 305Petro Stopping CentersI-10 Exit 582San AntonioTX18:00FL
Flying J 737Town Pump Flying JI-10  Exit 583San AntonioTX18:00DC
Pilot 467Pilot Oil Company San AntonioTX16:00FD
TA 147Travel Centers of AmericaI-10 Exit 583San AntonioTX18:00DC
Pilot 1059Pilot Oil Company SCHULENBURGTX16:00
Sealy Truck StopI-10 Exit 716SealyTXFD
Juds INCRoady's SeguinTXFD
Loves 463LovesI-10 604SeguinTX15:00FD
Champion Travel PlazaRoady'sHwy 59 ShepherdTXPA
Loves 672LovesFM 1945 & US 77 SintonTX16:00FD
Rip GriffinAmbestHwy. 180 Exit U.S. SnyderTXFD
Pilot 1083Pilot Oil Company STRATFORDTX15:00FD
Pilot 157Pilot Oil CompanyI-30 Exit 122Sulphur SpringsTX13:00PA
TA 113Travel Centers of AmericaI-20 Exit 242SweetwaterTX12:00FD
Loves 475LovesI-20 242SweetwaterTX16:00FD
CEFCOI-35 Exit 304TempleTX16:00FD
TA 233Travel Centers of AmericaI-20 Exit 503TerrellTX15:00FL
Loves 473LovesI-30 213TexarkanaTX17:00FD
LovesLovesIH 37 & US 37 72Three RiversTX16:00FD
PilotPilot Oil CompanyHwy 16 TildenTX16:00
Rip GriffinsAmbestI-27 Exit 74TuliaTX11:00FD
Flying J 738Town Pump Flying JI-20 Exit 277TyeTX12:00FD
Wes-T-Go Truck StopAmbestI-20  Exit 278TyeTX12:00GR
Pilot #486Pilot Oil CompanyI-20 & FM 14 562TylerTX15:00FD
Tyler Fuel PlazaI-20 Hwy 69 N 556TYLERTXFD
Texas Best SmokehouseI-20 596TylerTX17:00FD
Loves 651LovesI-20 FM 314VanTX17:00FD
LovesLovesI-20  Exit 540VanTX11:00FD
Loves 256LovesI-10 Exit 140BVan HornTXFL
Pilot 209Pilot Oil CompanyI-10 Exit 140Van HornTX12:00FD
Loves 256Loves Van HornTX13:00DC
Big Vics Truck Stop VictoriaTXFD
Loves 242LovesI-35 Exit 144Von OrmyTX12:00PA
Pilot 568Pilot Oil CompanyI-35 Exit 140VON ORMYTX16:00FD
Flying J 739Town Pump Flying JI-35 Exit New RWacoTX17:00FD
LovesLovesHwy 290 & FM 2920  WallerTX13:00FD
LovesLovesI-20 Exit 410WeatherfordTX15:00FD
Pilot 206Pilot Oil CompanyI-20  Exit 406WeatherfordTX14:00FD
Petro 302Petro Stopping CentersI-20 Exit 409WeatherfordTX14:00FL
Loves 484LovesI-10 Exit 682WeimarTX15:00FD
Loves LovesHwy 287 Wichita FallsTX15:00FD
Flying J 741Town Pump Flying JUS-287 & Jacksboro Hwy Wichita FallsTX15:00FD
LovesLovesI-45 95WillisTX16:00FD
Loves 686LovesI-15 Exit 363Brigham CityUT15:00FD
Flying J 776Town Pump Flying JI-15 Exit 362Brigham CityUTFD
Loves 335 LovesI-15 & Canyon Ranch Dr. Exit 62Cedar CityUT12:00FL
Pilot 892/West Winds TruckstopPilot Oil CompanyI-70 Exit 162Green RiverUT
Flying J 742Town Pump Flying JI-80 Exit 99Lake PointUT15:00FD
TA 060Travel Centers of AmericaI-80 Exit 99Lake PointUT14:00CS
LW Miller LOGANUT16:00FD
Flying J 743Town Pump Flying JI-15 Exit 222NephiUT12:00FD
Flying J 772Town Pump Flying JI 215 & Redwood Rd Exit 28North Salt LakeUT16:00FD
Flying J 744Town Pump Flying JI-15 Exit 343OgdenUT15:00FD
Pilot 294Pilot Oil CompanyI-15  Exit 347OgdenUT15:00FD
TA 186Travel Centers of AmericaI-15 Exit 78ParowanUTFD
L.W.'s Travel PlazaI 15/84 Exit 362PerryUT14:00FD
Flying J 773Town Pump Flying JI-70 Exit 40RichfieldUT12:00DR
Loves 581LovesI-70 Exit 56SalinaUT15:00FD
LovesLovesI-80 Redwood RoSALT LAKE CITYUT15:00FD
Sapp BrosSapp BrothersI-215  Exit 21Salt Lake CityUT15:00FL
Flying J 746Town Pump Flying JI-15 & I-80 SR 201 Salt Lake CityUT17:00FD
Flying J 774Town Pump Flying JI-84 7SnowvilleUT13:00FD
Flying J 747Town Pump Flying JI-15 Exit 265SpringvilleUT15:00RE
Loves 518LovesI-15 Exit 260SpringvilleUT16:00FD
Flying J 775Town Pump Flying JI-15 Exit 4St GeorgeUT13:00FD
Flying J 748Town Pump Flying JI-15 Exit 357WillardUT12:00FD
TA 142Travel Centers of AmericaI-95 Exit 89AshlandVA18:00FL
TA 001Travel Centers of AmericaI-95 Exit 92AshlandVA16:00FD
Simmons Travel Center BraceyVA
Frank's Trucking CenterI-664  Exit 13bChesapeakeVACS
Flying J 752Town Pump Flying JI-81 Exit 323Clear BrookVA10:00FD
Pilot 384Pilot Oil CompanyI-95 Exit 58Colonial HeightsVA16:00FD
Pilot 256Pilot Oil CompanyHwy 58 & Hwy 29 DANVILLEVA15:00FD
Pilot 4656Pilot Oil CompanyHwy 460 DisputantaVA12:00FD
All American (TSO Incorporated)I-95 Exit 98DoswellVACS
Dublin Liberty Handi-MartI-81  Exit 98DublinVAFD
Lancer Trvl PlzI-81 Exit 101DublinVAFD
Simmons Travel Center - EmporiaI-95 Exit 8EmporiaVADC
Simmons Travel Center EmporiaVA
Sadler Travel PlazaI-95  Exit 11BEmporiaVA12:00FL
LovesLovesHwy 58 Hwy 258FranklinVA16:00
Flying J 750Town Pump Flying JI-81 Exit 80Ft ChiswellVA17:00FD
Petro 372Petro Stopping CentersI-81 Exit 29Glade SpringVA14:00FD
Harrisonburg TravelI-81  Exit 243HarrisonburgVAFL
Pilot 491Pilot Oil CompanyI-81 251HARRISONBURGVA17:00FD
LovesLovesI-85 15LA CROSSEVA17:00FD
LovesLovesVA St Rt 620/I-77 LambsburgVA15:00FD
TA 202Travel Centers of AmericaI-81 Exit 195LexingtonVAFD
LovesLovesI-81  Exit 84 RTMax MeadowsVA14:00FD
Loves 613LovesI-81 Exit 24MeadowviewVA16:00FD
Pilot 159Pilot Oil CompanyI-64 211Providence ForgeVA16:00FL
Petro 396Petro Stopping CentersI-81 & 64 Exit 205RaphineVA17:00FL
Pilot 4649Pilot Oil CompanyI-81 Exit 205RaphineVA13:00PA
Mr Fuel 753Pilot Oil Company Ruther GlenVA16:00FD
Ruther Glen Travel PlazaI-95 Exit 104Ruther GlenVAFL
LovesLovesI-95 Exit 104Ruther GlenVA16:00GR
Flying J 749Town Pump Flying JI-95 Exit 104Ruther GlenVA12:00FD
Flying J 876Pilot Oil CompanyI-95 104Ruther GlenVA12:00
Loves 317LovesI-95 & HWY 629 Exit 4SkippersVA15:00FD
Pilot 4651Pilot Oil CompanyI-95 Exit 4SkippersVA14:00FD
Pilot 4622Pilot Oil CompanyHwy 58 South BostonVA17:00
Pilot 396Pilot Oil CompanyI-81  Exit 213StauntonVA13:00PA
Davis Travel Center AMBESTAmbestI-95 Exit 33Stony CreekVAFD
LovesLovesI-81 Exit 291Toms BrookVA12:00FD
Pilot 4642Pilot Oil CompanyI-81 Exit 291Toms BrookVA12:00FD
Pilot 258Pilot Oil CompanyI-81  Exit 150TroutvilleVA16:00FL
TA 021Travel Centers of AmericaI-81 Exit 150TroutvilleVAFL
Big CharliesI-64  RTE 13 ExiVirginia BeachVA12:00FD
Davis Travel Center AMBESTAmbest WarfieldVA
Pilot 4619Pilot Oil CompanyI-77/81 Exit 77WythevilleVA16:00FD
Flying J 754Town Pump Flying JI-77/I-81 Exit 77bWythevilleVA17:00FD
TA 143Travel Centers of AmericaI-77/81 Exit 41WythevilleVA11:00FL
Rush Roads ShellI-5 Exit 72ChehalisWA12:00FD
LovesLovesI-90 Exit 106EllensburgWA15:00PA
Broadway Flying JPilot Oil CompanyI-90 Exit 109EllensburgWA11:00FD
Ernie's Fuel StopsRoady'sI 5 & Hwy 18 Exit 142BFederal WayWA15:00FD
Pilot #583Pilot Oil Company FerndaleWA14:00FD
Ernie's TruckstopRoady'sHWY 167  Exit 21KentWA14:00FL
Donna's Truckstop - PTPPTP STOPSI-5 Exit 202MarysvilleWA13:00FL
Ernie's Fuel StopsAmbestI 90 Exit 179Moses LakeWAFD
Loves 454LovesI-5 72NapavineWA14:00FD
TA 176Travel Centers of AmericaI-90 Exit 34North BendWA13:00CS
Restover Truck StopI-5 Exit 99OlympiaWAFD
Flying JRTE 395 North PascoWA12:00FD
Loves 681LovesI-82 Exit 80ProsserWA13:00FD
Petro 339Petro Stopping CentersI 90 Exit 272SpokaneWA14:00FD
Flying JI-90 Exit 286SpokaneWA16:00RE
Flying J 967Town Pump Flying JI-90 Exit 276SpokaneWAFD
LovesLovesI-5 Exit 136TacomaWA15:00PA
Pilot 151Pilot Oil CompanyI-5 Exit 99 NETumwaterWA14:00FD
Gear JammerAmbestI-82  Exit 36Union GapWA15:00FD
Pilot 289Pilot Oil CompanyI-43 & I-90  Exit 185aBeloitWI15:00PA
Flying J 756Town Pump Flying JI-94 Exit 116Black River FallsWI11:00FL
River Country PlazaHwy 27 & 29 CadottWIFD
Columbus West Travel CenterRoady's ColumbusWIFD
Road Ranger - station 528Pilot Oil CompanyI-90 Exit 147Cottage GroveWI14:00FL
Abbyland Truck StopAmbestHwy 29 Exit 127CurtissWI
Truckers InnRoady'sI-90/94 132De ForestWIFD
Country ExpressRoady'sI-43 Exit 180De PereWIFD
TA 050Travel Centers of AmericaI-90/94 Exit 132DEFORESTWI16:00FL
Holiday StationI-94 Exit 59Eau ClaireWI15:00CS
Edgerton Shell Oasis Truck Stop AMBESTI-90 Exit 160EdgertonWICS
Loves 587LovesHwy 41 Exit 97Fond Du LacWI16:00
Mad Max IncHwy 41 Exit 101Fond Du LacWIPA
Pilot 324Pilot Oil CompanyI-94  Exit 329FranksvilleWI17:00PA
TA 192Travel Centers of AmericaI-94 Exit 4HudsonWI16:00FL
TA 071Travel Centers of AmericaI-90 Exit 171JanesvilleWI16:00FL
Pine Cone Travel PlazaI-94  Exit 267Johnson CreekWI14:00FD
Moasis Travel CtrHwy 41 Exit 146Little ChuteWICS
Pilot 164Pilot Oil CompanyI-90/94  Exit 69MaustonWI11:00CS
Kwik Trip #775Kwik TripI-90/94 Exit 69MaustonWIDC
Loves 622LovesI-94 Exit 45MenomonieWI16:00
Kwik Trip #674Kwik TripI-94 Exit 45MenomonieWICS
Pilot 040Pilot Oil CompanyI-94  Exit 322Oak CreekWI16:00FL
LovesLovesI-94 Exit 322Oak CreekWI16:00FD
Road Ranger - station 538Pilot Oil CompanyI-90/94 Exit 48OakdaleWI11:00FD
Oshkosh PlazaHwy 41 Exit 124OshkoshWIFD
Kwik Trip 871Kwik Trip OshkoshWI
Binnema Plainview Trvl PlzHwy 41  Exit 113OshkoshWI16:00DC
Golden Express Travel PlazaRoady'sHwy 10 Exit 88OsseoWIFD
Super 39 ShellI-39 Exit 151PloverWIFD
Petro 353Petro Stopping CentersI-90/I-94 Exit 108APortageWI14:00FL
Loves 637LovesI-90 Exit 115PoynetteWI14:00FD
Pioneer PlazaHWY 41  Exit 145RichfieldWICS
Flying J #470Pilot Oil CompanyUS 64 & I 94 10ROBERTSWI14:00FD
Loves 640LovesI-43 Exit 120SHEBOYGANWI12:00FD
Petro 368Petro Stopping CentersI-94 & HWY 20 Exit 333SturtevantWI17:00PA
Holiday StationHwy 2/53 SuperiorWI15:00DR
LovesLovesI-90/I-94 48TomahWI12:00FD
Kwik Trip #796Kwik TripI-90/94 143TomahWIFD
Rib Mountain Travel PlazaI-39 & HWY 51 Exit 188WausauWIFD
Little Sandy'sI-68 Exit 23Bruceton MillsWVFD
TA 149Travel Centers of AmericaI-64 Exit 39HurricaneWV17:00FL
Jane Lew TruckstopI-79  Exit 105Jane LewWVFD
Pilot #503Pilot Oil CompanyI-79 146MorgantownWV16:00FD
Pilot 243Pilot Oil CompanyI-64  Exit 45NitroWV17:00FL
LovesLovesI-77/SR 21 132RipleyWVFD
Pilot 474Pilot Oil CompanyI-79 67SuttonWV16:00FD
TA 032Travel Centers of AmericaI-70 Exit 11Valley GroveWV17:00FL
TA 187Travel Centers of AmericaI-80 Exit 377BurnsWY10:00FD
Flying J 758Town Pump Flying JI-25 185CasperWY17:00FD
Pilot 402Pilot Oil CompanyI-80  Exit 367CheyenneWY15:00CS
Sapp BrosSapp BrothersI-80 Exit 370CheyenneWYCS
LovesLovesI-25 Exit 7CheyenneWY15:00FD
Flying J 759Town Pump Flying JI-25 Exit 7CheyenneWY15:00CS
Flying J 761Town Pump Flying JI 80 Exit 3EvanstonWY15:00FD
Pilot 141Pilot Oil CompanyI-80 Exit 6EvanstonWY14:00FD
Eastgate Travel Plaza EvansvilleWY16:00FD
TA 188Travel Centers of AmericaI-80 Exit 30Fort BridgerWY15:00FD
Flying J 762Town Pump Flying JI-90 & Hwy 59 GilletteWY16:00FD
Petro 303Petro Stopping CentersI-80 Exit 310LaramieWY14:00FD
Pilot 308Pilot Oil CompanyI-80  Exit 310LaramieWY14:00FL
Little AmericaAmbestI-80 Exit 68Little AmericaWY10:00DR
TA 234Travel Centers of AmericaI-80 Exit 214RawlinsWY11:00FD
Flying J 763Town Pump Flying JI-80 209RawlinsWY16:00FD
Flying J 764Town Pump Flying JI-80 104Rock SpringsWY16:00FD
LovesLovesI-80 & Kelly Rd 173WamsutterWY12:00FD